- Chapter 10: Eternity? -

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- Charlie's Pov -

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- Charlie's Pov -

After running in bear form with Ace for the first time in years felt great to do that with him after so long it made me feel so happy and carefree which i haven't felt in so long but now here i am pinned to the wall by my second chance mate all that carefree feeling went away because now all i want to do is protect this blonde walking god right infront of me who has his head in my neck with my life. I feel so submissive yet also dominant in his presence like i would gladly get down on my knees for him and let him do whatever he wants to do to me but yet i want him on his knees and do whatever i want to do to him, i have never felt like this before it's not freaking me out because it feels nice like i've finally found someone who will love me whole heartedly.

Once Jasper let's me go me, Jasper, Ace and Alice sit on the couch where i tell them everything that has happened and by the time i finished they all had wide eyes and looked shock except Rosalie she looked over the moon that Isabella was gone but i don't blame her to be honest because half the people in Fork's don't like Isabella. When they all snapped out their shock we all spoke for a while that's when i found out about how Ace met Alice for the first time and i wanted to slap him on the back and say that's my boy but i knew he wouldn't appreciate that especially infront of his future in laws.

When i promised that Ace and Emmett could have a rematch with me and Carlisle present so no-one cheats they were both over the moon especially Ace because i know he hasn't had a good wrestle since he has been home. Suddenly i'm picked up which shocks me because why in the world would someone pick me up then i feel that someone running at a extremely fast speed. In seconds i'm standing back on my own feet in a plain room with Jasoer stood infront of me fiddling with his finger's looking nervous, i walk over to him and put my finger under his chin forcing him to look me in the eyes.

"What's wrong love?" I asked softly

"I-I wanted to have some time alone with y-you" He stutters with a southern accent which is cute yet sexy at the same time

"Well love, you have me all to yourself so what do you want to do" I asked smirking

"C-Can we talk? Get to know each other?" He asked stuttering a little bit

"Of course we can" I said smiling

"I've never been in a relationship even when i was human because back then being gay was frowned apon so i have always hid this side of me because i was scared about their reactions. All of this is all new to me and to be honest it's scaring me alot before you say it yes vampire's can still get scared we will have emotions after all i should know that with the ability i have. I just want to make sure that us being together romantically is something that you definitely want for the long run and you won't be scared of from what people will say about us" He said with so much emotion in his voice

"If this will be your first relationship then we will take this as slow as you want it to go because im not going to push you to do anything you dont want to do, you have the wheel take this all at you speed love. I get why you hid it for so long because i hid my bisexuality from everyone even my own son because i was scared about everyone's reactions but now i don't care what people's reactions will be. You don't need to be scared anymore love because we can go through this together because we deserve a little bit of happiness after all of the heartbreak and sadness we had both gone through don't you think. I definitely want us to be together romantically and i'm definitely init for the long run because Jasper you have got me hooked left, right and centre already there's no way in hell im letting my blonde haired god go. If you don't belive my words then read my emotions because Jasper im being nothing but completely truthful with you right now, i will never and i mean never lie to you. Your to good to be lied to" I said honestly letting all my emotions out so he can read them loud and clear

"Your really being truthful!" He said happily

"Of course i am love! I have waited for what felt like a lift time for you, my second chance mate, my second chance at happiness" I said holding his face in my hands

"Are sure you want this" He asked looking me in the eyes

"I haven't been more sure about anything else in my life, your not getting rid of me now Jasper hale" I said then kiss his forehead

"It's actually Jasper Whitlock" He said smirking

"Well i be damned well in that case, hello it's nice to meet you Jasper Whitlock my name is Charlie Swan and i'm your one and only protective and possessive bear shape-shifter mate who your going to be stuck with for a very long time" I said smirking

"Hello Charlie i'm your protective possessive vampire mate who you will be stuck with for all eternity" He said cutely

"Eternity, i like the sound of that love" I said caressing his cheek

"I do too, but first we need to survive the volturi" He said nervously

"We will survive and i know that because they can't break their own law now can they" I said smirking

"No they can't" He said smiling



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