- Chapter 18: What -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

True to my word i phased outside ripping my clothes and i didn't have to wait for Alice because as soon as i phased she was stood in the door way with a backpack over her shoulder. I lay down flat on my stomach silently signaling her to come and climb on which she did at vamp speed making me internally chuckle at her eagerness. Once she's safely on my back and she has a good handful of my fur i run as fast as i can towards the cullen house but i also be as careful as i can seeing as i have my beautiful Alice on my back. Thankfully it didn't take long to get to the house and the first thing i did was phase back behind a tree with Alice beside me then she handed me the backpack and i was surprised to see that she picked out the same clothes as i previously had on that i shredded. I quickly put them on while saying a thank you then i slammed Alice against the closest tree and gave her a very passionate kiss to show her how thankful i am for her carrying my change of clothes. That kiss was short lived because she vamp speeds out from between me and the tree then drags me out the tree then into the house where we see everyone waiting and when i mean everyone i mean the cullens, all the volturi and Bella who is tied to the same chair Renèe was tied to yesterday.

"WHERE IS MY MUM!!" Bella yelled making all of us flinch due to our enhanced hearing

"Dead" I said simply as i stand behind Alice and wrap my arms around her waist

"WHAT!?" She yelled again

"Bitch will you stop yelling!" Alice hissed at her as she rubs her ears

"I said she is dead and she died in that exact chair your sat on" I said shrugging my shoulders

"How would you know that!" She snapped out

"Because i'm the one that killed the worthless whore of a women!" I growled out

"With my help" Dad said holding Jasper the exact same way i'm holding Alice

"How could you do that to your own mother and ex wife!" She said angrily

"We found killing her easy just as easily as she hurt us" I said bored out my mind

"Jasper wouldn't have let you! She was his mate!" She snapped out making me and dad growl

"Jasper is my mate Isabella! He is mine only mine!" Dad growled out deeply and i know his bear is close to the surface

"How can he be your mate when your human?" She asked confused

"Before you say anything Dad I'm not doing it, it's your turn" I said glaring at him playfully

"Fine with me son, I get to show my mate my beast form" She said smirking then winked at Jasper

Dad stepped a safe distance ahead of us all then phased right there and then making Bella let out a ear piercing scream which was just as annoying and painful as Renèe's last scream. Alice started bouncing on the balls of her feet and i couldn't help but smile at her excitement at what is about to happen to Bella because we all know this is going to be the end of Bella. Dad stalks towards Bella showing her his canines and he's now not even a inch away from her face making her go pale as a piece of paper which made Alice bounce more. The more i look at Bella i see that she is covered in cuts, bruises, bite marks and her clothes are ripped showing us what her punishment was and i can definitely say it looked like it hurt for her.

"Any last words Bella?" I asked in a bored tone

"Yes, Phil knows" She said smirking

"Oh we know that because it turns out he's Felix's mate so he won't be harmed at all young Bella" Aro said sounding just as bored as me

"Dad hurry this up, i want to pamper Alice at some point today" I said looking at my watchless arm

"No please! I won't tell anyone and i'll leave you all alone!-"

But her efforts to stop this turned into screams as dad ripped her legs off with his jaws then he tipped the chair over onto his side and crushed her throat under his paw killing her withing seconds due to his weight in this form. Dad walks over to me and Alice then gently nudges his head into Alice's stomach while letting out a soft whimper making me frown because why the hell would he do that to my mate and not his. Jasper comes over then throws a blanket over his back and that's when dad phases back with a massive smile on his face as he wraps the blanket around him covering his nakedness.

"What the hell was that about dad!?" I asked alittle angry

"You don't know?" He asked shocked

"Know what!?" I said full on angry now

"This is confusing because how could you not know surely your inner bear would be going crazy right now but yet again it's unusual for this to happen to a vampire that's mated to a shape-shifter and the only reason i know this is because i've smelt that before" He said thoughtfully

"Dad spit it out will ya!" I snapped

"Alice do you feel different? Hungry? Tired? Need the bathroom? Having the urge to breath again?" He asked Alice worriedly

"I erm feel all of that actually but i just thought it was because we completed the bond" She said nervously

"Your partly right dear" He said softly

"FOR GOD SAKE TELL ME WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY MATE!" I roar out completely loosing my temper

"Cub calm down everything is fine, Alice is fine actually she's perfectly fine" He said smirking

"Then tell me!" I said through gritted teeth

"She pregnant cub, very pregnant infact but it's very early and i only know this because her scent has changed to one i smelt once before" He said smiling

"What-" Is all i could say before everything went black and i felt myself fall to the floor



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