- Chapter 11: Wrestling gone wrong -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

While dad and Jasper have their talk the rest of us do our own thing Carlisle and Esme talk about where to have the next holiday seeing as they haven't had one with the whole family for almost two years because they all normally go their own way for a while, Emmett is trying to talk Rosalie into buying another car to repair so they can do it together because she has just finished her last car project and sold it to someone called Mike Newton. Then there's me on my back the couch with Alice layed ontop of me reading a fashion magazine and pointing to outfits that she likes and i take a note to remember each and everyone of them so i can buy them online for her later after i have finished checking on my businesses because my girl deserves nothing but the best so i'm going to buy everything my girl wants and more.

After about an hour dad finally came down from wherever he was upstairs but before dad could say anything Emmett grab him and Jasper then threw them both over his shoulders and ran out yelling it's wrestle time making everyone laugh at his eagerness except Jasper and dad they are yelling for him to let them go. Alice climbs of me and pulls me up to my feet then the rest of us go outside where we find dad and Jasper glaring at a over excited Emmett who is rocking on the balls of his feet, i roll my eyes and kiss Alice on the cheek then walk over to Emmett so i'm stood right infront of him. Without any warning at all i phase ripping my clothes and shoes to shreds then i jump onto of Emmett catching in completely of guard making him fall to the ground on his back thanks to the fact in this form my weight is about 1000 pounds so i definitely have that advantage over him for untill he decides to lift me but he won't get rhat chance.

Before he can get a chance to buck me off him i pin his arms down with my front legs then pin his legs down with my hind legs because he couldn't throw me off him or lift me off quickly without the use of his hands so he will have to use his brain to think of another way. He does just that because he twists his hips quickly using all his enhanced strengh and flips me off making me skid across the forest ground thankfully it didn't hurt because if it did i know my little pixie would have gone all protective on his ass. Suddenly i see Emmett vamp speed over to me and i also notice im infront of a tree so i do the most logical thing and step away and the last minute making Emmett run head first into the tree splitting said tree in half which made everyone laugh. In a blink of an eye he somehow picks me up and throws me into a big tree that breaks from the impact then as i land on the ground i hit my head on a bit ass rock suddenly i feel a hand around my throat making me look up and that's when i see Emmett's eyes are jet black letting me know he last lost control over his hunting instincts.

I hear a commotion infront of the house so i tilt my head as far as i can with Emmett hand still around my throat and see a angry Alice being held back by Jasper and Edward as she fights to get free, i know she is fighting to get free to come and tackle Emmett off me. I know there is only one way out of this situation and that's to phase back so that's what i do the only problem is I'm now stark naked infront of everyone which is something i completely hate and dad knows why because the only person who should see me like this is my mate, my Alice, My little pixie.

"Emmett, buddy it's me Ace. Come on man come back to us, your hunting instincts have taken control, pull them back and you will see it's just me" I said calmly and i can hear Alice fighting harder to get free now i'm back in my human form

"Emmett listen to him, it's Ace! Pull your instincts back! Alice is close to breaking our hold!" Jasper said frantically

"Son i'm going to need you to get ready for another big impact because Alice is about to tackle Emmett and he isn't going to let you go so he will end up taking you with him" Dad said worriedly

"She's got free! Emmett just get a fucking grip man!" Edward yelled worried

"Cub now!" Dad yelled so i take a deep breath just intime to see Alice side tackle Emmett who like dad said didn't let go and he threw me into the air into another tree

"FUCK!!" I yell as i hit the tree side on and i felt my ribs crack under the force of the impact

"CUB!!" Dad and i think Jasper yelled in unison which sounded werid to hear

"Ash I'm going to need to keep still while your dad or Jasper pick you up and carry you into the house" Carlisle said kneeling beside me

"Alice" I gasped out between pain

"My love go with Rosalie and stop Alice before she takes it a step to far" He said looking at Esme

"But Ace, i can't leave him" She said like a worried mother

"D-Dad please get her, she will listen to you" I said between grunts of pain

"I got it cub, my love could you carey him into the house while i get Alice?" Dad said then asked Jasper

"Of course now go, i can handle our cub" Jasper said then went wide eyed

"D-Dad for god sake! Go get my mate!" I snap out only to moan in pain

"Sorry cub, Jasper we will talk about that later" He said winking at Jasper then he ran off

Jasper carefully lifts me into his arms fucking bridle style which should never happen again unless i am holding my little pixie bridle style, also none of rhek don't look anywhere but at my eyes seeing as i'm stills naked as the day i was god damn born. Then he walks into the house with Carlisle close behind us and lays me on the couch only for Carlisle to throw a blanket over my bottom half to cover me up which i said a quick thank you for because i don't want any of them to look at my naked body seeing as my body is only for Alice to see. Carlisle then makes quick painful work of rebraking my ribs due to my enhanced healing kicking in, healing them wrongly then he bandages my ribs wrapping it around my whole torso to make sure they are covered. Once that's done he checks the cut on my head from that big ass rock thankfully the cut didn't need stitches just a big plaster which he put on for me then he hooked me up to a IV so i could have some morphine for the pain.

"Baby! Esme where is my mate!" I hear Alice ask frantically from the bottom of the stairs

"He's in the livingroom, Carlisle is treating him" Esme said worriedly

"Alice" I said softly wanting her to calm down

"Baby!" She said then in a blink of an eye she was kneeling next to the couch looking worried

"Here you are, you didn't beat Emmett to badly did you?" I said happily

"He is still undead but now he will think twice about asking you to wrestle again" She said smiling softly


A/n: This chapter would have been uploaded yesterday if i didn't get distracted by watching the formula one race

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A/n: This chapter would have been uploaded yesterday if i didn't get distracted by watching the formula one race. Ooooops.😬😊

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