- Chapter 19: High Risk -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

I don't know how long i was out cold for but when i open my eyes i see Alice dry sobbing into Carlisle's shoulder, seeing that makes me jump up off the floor then take her from Carlisle and hold her against my own chest letting out a snarl out of possessiveness. Now that i know she is pregnant with my cub has my inner bear on edge because i want to be there to do anything Alice wants me to do even if she wants me to rub her feet our hold her hair back if she throws up. I'm going to be there for her every step of the way throughout the whole pregnancy because this is a unusual experience for her and the Cullen's family due to them not knowing this could happen.

"Ace, you know what these means don't you" Dad said firmly

"There's many things this could mean dad your going to have to elaborate" I said still holding Alice close

"Your bear will want Alice by your side the whole pregnancy so you are there for her every need, also your bear will want you to make a den to keep Alice safe it will almost like natural bears would for their hibernation" He said looking at me concerned

"I can already feel my bear wanting Alice close but the feeling of wanting to make a den hasn't kicked in yet" I said then kiss Alice's head hoping that will calm her slightly

"H-How is this p-possible" Alice stuttered out invited dry sobs

"Your mate's and a special pairing at that so with Ace being a rare bear shape-shifter he has the ability to get his mate who no matter the supernatural species pregnant" Dad said softly

"And why does she have the sudden urge to do everything humans do?" Rosalie asked looking at Alice in envy

"She is still a vampire but her body is gaining normal human abilities so the cub will grow safely and be healthy till it's born" Dad said with a smile

"So i can have the food i'm suddenly craving for" Alice mumbled against my chest

"Yes you can love, what are you craving?" I said and asked her making her look up at me with wide golden eyes

"Spaghetti bolognese with chocolate ice cream for dessert and maybe a strawberry smoothie?" She asked innocently

"What my baby girl wants, my baby girl will get" I said soothingly then kiss her forehead

"I'll cook it for you Ace, Alice looks like she needs you comfort right now" Esme said softly

"Thank you Esme" I said politely

"No thank you necessary Ace, i love to cook so i will cook for you, Charlie and now Alice every chance i will get" She said happily then she disappeared

"I'm pregnant" Alice said looking up at me innocently

"Yes, you're pregnant with our cub" I said happily

"More then one son" Dad said smirking

"Excuse me, What!" I said in shock

"Her scent is very strong indicating a multiple pregnancy" He said worriedly

"So my little mate is currently pregnant with more then one cub? Which is high risk!" I asked very concerned

"Yes son, which means she will have to have multiple check ups from Carlisle and all of us will have to keep a close eye on her" He said soothingly

"Alice you need to sit down to rest and you will be doing alot of that" I said moving closer to the couch with Alice still against my chest

"But i don't want to let you go" She whined then pouted

"You will be sitting in my lap love, i'm going absolutely nowhere" I said sitting down on the couch with Alice on my lap

"I will make sure my office is ready and get everything needed out and ready" Carlisle said then disappeared just as quick as Esme did

"Cub stop with the worrying, Carlisle will make sure Alice and the little cubs are okay just trust him" Jasper said reassuringly

"I can't stop worrying Jasper, Not when Alice is having a high risk pregnancy because of me!" I said throwing my head back onto the couch

"Worrying will get you nowhere, you need to be strong for Alice and your cubs because they need you to be their comfort and support through this" Rosalie said softly

"Comfort and support, i can do that" I said nodding my head

"That you can Ash and leave the rest to us, we are going to help as much as we can because that's what families do" Emmett said firmly

"Thank you guys for everything" I said truthfully

"Stop thanking us Ace! We are doing what good family's do, we are helping you when you need that help. So just shut up and keep doing the great job of comforting Alice, we have everything else under control" Edward said then disappear's only to reappear seconds later with a chocolate bar

"Here Alice was thinking about eating it" He said holding it out to me and i take it off him with a smile

"Here's your chocolate love" I said softly

"CHOCOLATE!" She squeals loudly

"Yes, chocolate" I said then kiss her sweetly

"Is it going to be a fast pregnancy Charlie?" Carlisle asked reappearing in the room

"She will be pregnant just as long as a normal female grizzly bear would so that would be between six-eight weeks" Dad said sounding more worried now

"SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS!" Rosalie yelled in shock

"Inside voice Rosalie!" Esme scolded from the kitchen

"Yes six to eight weeks" Dad said slightly amused but still worried

"Dad" I said worriedly

"Everything will be alright cub, it maybe high risk but it will all be okay" He said trying to reassure me

"I really hope so dad, i really truly hope so" I said watching Alice devour the chocolate bar

"Hmmmm chocolate" She moans out inbetween bites



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