- Chapter 8: Explain Everything -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

Bella just looked at Alice in shock and didn't show any sign of moving so dad waved his hand at the officer's who walked over looking at dad proudly because they know about everything that dad has gone through. I'm proud of dad too for not breaking down or getting angry he is standing his ground and not letting Bella worm her way back in because now the she devil ks gone maybe he can find his second chance mate. When the officer's get to us they both grab one of Bella's arms and drag her to their cruiser while yelling for the moving truck people to tow her truck with them which made Bella scream at them not to touch her truck but they just continued to drag the cruiser. They literally threw her in the back of the cruiser like she was a bag of garbage which she is and slam the door shut then drive away with the moving truck behind them towing her truck that's when me, dad, Edward and Alice let out a sigh of relief because now the she devil is gone.

"Now we have to be ready for Renèe to show her face" Dad said then sighed

"When she shows up she won't like the fact i am here with you so she will more then likely kick off at me not you" I said shrugging my shoulders

"She won't kick of at any of you because me and my family will be here if she does because no-one and i mean no-one will hurt you two mentally anymore" Alice said firmly

"Love i don't want you involved, Renèe can be a vile vindictive women and i don't want her anywhere near you" I said not wanting my mate anywhere near that women who is my so called mother

"Tough because i will go wherever you go so deal with it because if your dad is important to you then he is also important to me too! Family stick together Ace so shut up because my family is now your family too" Alice said with a low hiss

"Speaking of our family we better go and explain everything to them Alice" Edward said sounding defeated and i have no idea why

"Only if Ace and Charlie come too!" Alice said strongly

"Obviously they can come Alice, i'm not going to split your and his dad apart especially after what just happened" He said rolling his eyes

"Me and dad will phase and run with you but we will need to strip naked so you both will have to turn around also when we phase can you pick up our clothes so we can wear them again once we phase back" I said knowing if me and dad phase we will be able to kinda keep up with them when they run

"Butttt babbbby" Alice whined with a pout

"Your my mate so i'm not going to let you see my dad naked so turn your sexyself around love" I said with a low growl at the thought of her seeing my own father naked

"Fineeeee!" She said throwing her hands in the air

They both turn around and that's when i strip of my clothes with dad doing the same beside me and as werid as it sounds i'm not uncomfortable being naked infront of dad because we'll it's natural for shape-shifter's to feel comfort naked. Plus he's seen me naked so many times thanks to my stupid ass when i have forget to take clothes outside when i phase so this is just normal for us especially me since i spent some time with other bear shape-shifter's. Once i phase i go over to Alice and rest my muzzle on her shoulder signaling to her it's okay to turn around which she does after telling Edward it's safe now and she picks up my clothes while Edward gets dad.

Then all four of us run to the Cullen's houses and of course Alice and Edward are running ahead with their vamp speed but i don't mind because i can run beside dad which i haven't done in awhile and i now he is enjoying it too due to all the muzzle rubs his giving me on my shoulder as we run that's his special way of telling me he's happy and he love's me. After a short run we arrive at the house and the first thing notice is that our clothes are behind a tree with my mate nowhere in sight, i know instantly that Alice and Edward have left our clothes and gone inside to let us phase back in private. I carefully grab my clothes with my mouth and move back a little to phase back safely without hurting dad and i see him do the same then we both get dressed smiling like complete idiots.

"We have to do that again son, i have missed running with you it felt like old times" Dad said after getting dressed

"How does every weekend sound" I said happily as i throw my arm over his shoulder

"Like heaven" He said smiling at me

"Baby, Charlie hurry up and come inside there's beers waiting for you" Alice said from the balcony making me smile at her

"Thank you, we're coming love!" I said then winked at her making her giggle, god that's music to my ears

"Your definitely whipped son" Dad said the chuckled

"Shut up old man! Wait till you find hkur second chance mate then you will be the same" I said smirking at him

"Oh i have no doubt that i will there's nothing wrong with being whipped, you better treat that girl like a queen son" He said firmly

"Don't worry she will be treated like the queen she is, now let's get inside before my queen comes out here and drags us inside by our ears" I said smiling



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