- Chapter 9: Not expecting to see -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

When i walked into the house i was expecting to have a polite conversation about everything that happened but i wasn't expecting to see dad get slammed to the wall by the one and only Jasper Hale who now has his head buried in dad's neck while growling softly. I had to stop myself back from being all protective bear on Jasper's ass for doing that but all i could do was look at dad wide eyed because damn i didn't know his second chance mate was going to be male!. I'm not going to judge him on that though because at the end of the day love is love and if he is happy to give Jasper a chance then i will be happy for him but i will give Jasper the protective cub talk because no-one hurts my papa bear!. Hang on a minute if Alice is a seer she probably saw this happening that's why she wanted dad to come along too so he could meet his second chance without me knowing so i wouldn't do anything before dad met him damn it my mate is a little minx!

"My little minx, you knew huh" I said looking at Alice who is now smirking at me

"I had the vision while the thing was being dragged away by the police, i'm sorry i didn't tell you but i wantdd it to be a surprise for both of you" She said fiddling with her finger's

"Hey love, i'm not upset or angry with you quit the opposite i'm impressed with your sneakiness" I said smiling softly at her

"Really?" She asked tilting her head

"Yes love, i could never be angry at you because your just to god damn adorable and beautiful" I said opening my arms for her

"Awe why aren't you like that!" Rosalie said glaring at Emmett just as Alice vamp speeds into my arms

"Erm a little help cub?!" Dad said next to me that's when i notice he is still pinned to the wall

"Jasper, my southern man let my dad off the wall and maybe talk to him on the couch before you start smelling his scent then you can take it somewhere more private so i don't go all protective bear on your ass" I said rolling my eyes

"Oh *cough* sorry about that" Jasper said stepping back from dad

"It's okay but let's do what my cub said and talk on the couch" Dad said straighting his crumped shirt out

"Yes let's because i want to know who the thing is that Alice spoke about" Esme said kindly

Me and dad walked over to the couch then sat down pulling our mate's onto our laps which caused then to fuss but that soon stopped when we both kissed their shoulder which made them stop instantly and relax. Me and dad are doing things in unison because it's know that when bear shape-shifter's who are related find their names near the same time they copy each other so that's what we are doing. Then Dad starts to tell them everything about how Isabella treated him and how he found out she wasn't his biological daughter so he took matters into his own hands. I zoned out then he started talking about court and everything else that need to happen before he could take proper action but then i started paying attention when he told them what happened this morning and boy their faces are priceless!. All of them except Alice and Edward had their mouths wide open and honestly if their jaws could hit the floor they would have done and their eyes are as wide as sorcers.

"You mean isabitch is finally gone!?" Rosalie said happily

"Yes the wicked witch of Fork's is gone" I said smirking

"I will have to ring the volturi to inform them about Isabella, will you mind if i tell them about you and Ace?" Carlisle asked dad nervously

"I don't mind and i know Ace won't but he will not like it if they threaten Alice so warn them about that" Dad said giving me a knowing look

"Do you even know who the volturi are?" Rosalie asked shocked

"Oh i know who they are and they will instantly know who i am once you tell them a Fork's bear shifter is Jasper's mate and another is Alice's mate. Their you could say old friends of mine who are extremely protective" Dad said smirking

"Looks like we will have some visitors then, i better go short out their private room" Esme said thoughtfully

"Love let me ring them first then we will know what will happen" Carlisle said smiling softly at Esme

"Is it okay if we will stay here with you till you have finished your phone call" Dad said politely

"Of course, you and Jasper need to get to know one another" Esme said smiling kindly at dad

"Plus Ace needs to spend some time with us since he stole our sister" Emmett said smirking at me

"Oh no you don't, I'm not wrestling with you so you can settle the score" I said shaking my head

"What score?" Dad asked confused

"Me and Emmett had a tussle when i first met Alice, i was in my bear form and they thought i was their food" I said simply while shrugging my shoulders

"I want to settle the score because you basically traumatised me more then i already was because a bear is the reason i was turned" Emmett said shrugging his shoulders

"Well this bear won't hurt you aslong as you don't try to eat him again" I said teasingly only for Alice to snarl at Emmett

"I think Alice would rip me apart if i ever tried to eat you" Emmett said rolling his eyes

"No wrestling unless me and Carlisle are there to keep it even so no-one cheats" Dad said amusingly

"Fineeeeeeeeee" Emmett whines out like a child



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