- Chapter 5: You have to be kinding me -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

Once Alice is safely in school i jump back into my car and drive to dad's because my inner bear is on edge and i have a feeling it's picking up on dad's emotions thanks to our parent and child connection. I need to get to dad and quick so i press my foot hardet on the accelerator, screw the road laws my dad needs me because something has clearly set dad's emotions haywire and for a bear shifter that isn't good. Thankfully it didn't take long to get to dad's and after i park up behind dad's cruiser i run straight onto the house only to see dad stood in the middle of the now trashed livingroom he is breathing heavily and shaking.

"Papa bear it's me Ace, you need to calm down so you can tell me what's wrong" I said calmly as i walk closer to him making sure to be slow not wanting to trigger his need to phase

"I've had enough of Renèe telling me to lie to you! I'm not going to let her push me around anymore especially now your older!" He said angrily then growled out the end

"Dad please calm down then we can talk about this but if you phase you will hurt me and you don't want to do that do you?" I said now standing directly infront of him

"I can't lie to you anymore son" He said between whimpers

"Whatever you have lied about i promise not to be angry with you. I just want you to calm down for me" I said hugging him to help my scent calm him down and it works like a charm

"I'm okay now Ace, Thank you" He said stepping away from me and sitting on the couch

"Do you want a beer while we talk?" I asked smirking at him because i know he wants one

"Only if you have one with me son" He said smirking back

"Only one because i'm picking up Alice once school finishes" I said walking over to the kitchen where i grab two beers

"Bella's shape-shifter gene isn't dormant, she didn't have the gene to begin with which didn't make sense to me until two months ago because any cubs born from a parent with the bear shape-shifter will have the gene no matter the cubs gender" He suddenly blurted out as i hand him his beer and what he said made me freeze beside him

"That would make sense seeing as my friend Kelly is a girl and a bear shape-shifter but Bella not having the gene is impossible she is your daughter so she should have the gene" I said sitting next to him and we open out beers in sync

"That's where the lie comes into play" He said then took a quick sip of his beer

"Dad i won't be angry because you can't keep it to yourself anymore since it's making you loose control" I said taking my own sip of my beer

"But i don't want to loose you because of this" He said worriedly

"For god sake dad we have been through so much together so you won't loose me over a lie" I said placing my hand on his shoulder

"She doesn't have the gene because i'm not her biological father, She's your half sister and her father is Waylon" He said taking a sip of his beer

"You have to be kidding me!?" I said in shock

"I'm not kidding you son, i found out a couple months ago when Bella started to demand that i buy her things one after the other saying how it's my job as her father to buy her whatever she wants" He said downing the rest of his beer

"I- wow that's just wow" I said not knowing what to say

"I am going to take Renèe to court to sort all of this out because i am not going to continue to pay for anything to do with Bella when she isn't even my responsibility and when she has caused nothing but problem after problem. The reason i was so angry is because i told Renèe only for her to flip saying i'm a good for nothing shit father and she is going to take everything i own then she is going to take you away from me" He said through clenched teeth

"She won't take everything you own seeing as she probably knew from the beginning that you aren't Bella's father and she can't take me from you seeing as i am 19 now" I said then drank the rest of my beer

"I just know that when i tell Bella that she is going back to her mother that as kids sah today shit will hit the fan" He said resting his head back on the couch

"Why don't you have some work colleagues there that are on duty so if she does kick off they can escort her to the airport so she doesn't try anything" I said thoughtfully

"Son your right! Having police there will be the best for the situation" He said nudging me with his shoulder

"It was only a thought because i know if there is more people around you then there won't be a chance you loose control" I said shrugging my shoulders

"Now tell me about your little mate Alice" He said smirking

"She is incredible, beautiful and damn it she is already my little pixie and the reason i breath dad. I can't see my life without her in anyway because she has fast become everything to me. I want to marry her and try to have a family of our own in anyway we can. God it hurt leaving her at school this morning because all i wanted to do was lock us both in my house and stay there all day" I said resting my head back on the couch

"I am happy for you son, she has always been my favourite Cullen but now i can't wait for her to be my daughter in law and a Swan. Also make sure you always make it up to her after a argument, buy her flowers, love her like there is no tomorrow and always tell her you love her because when you loose her you will wish you did all that and more" He said messing up my hair

"Trust me dad i am going to treat her like a princess, no i'm going to treat her like the queen she is because she is my everything and boy is she going to know it" I said smiling

"Your whipped already" He said amusingly

"I am and i really don't give a shit" I said still smiling



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