- Chapter 7: leave now! -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

I woke up because of Alice shaking my shoulder while asking me to wake up so like the good boyfriend i am i do as my girlfriend said and open my eyes. I lock eyes with a smiling Alice who is straddling my waist with her face hovering over the top of mine and could get used to waking up like this. She goes to climb off me but before she could i wrap my arms around her waist knowing that if she really wanted to get off she would use her vamp strength.

"Why did you wake me love, i was having the most amazing dream of you walking down the aisle in a gorgeous white dress" I said grumpily

"I wish i could let you go back to sleep but your dad called he got all the paperwork done and got the all clear from court so he's kicking Bella out today and wants you there for support" She said worriedly

"Well before we go to support dad i want to know what Bella said to make you so angry yesterday" I said holding her to my chest

"She was telling me that you have been taking every chance you could get to beat her to a pulp then she said that your a lost cause that doesn't know how to love me and that i should just be with Jasper who will love me for who i am but that's when Jasper stepped in a told her that he only thinks of me as a sister" She said nervously while fiddling with her finger's

"She said what!!" I said with a growl

"Babe i promise i don't believe her, i truly don't and i know your angry but you need to calm down so we can support your dad" She said holding my face in her small cold hands

"Your right we will support dad then i will deal with this later but my dad is more important then a stupid lie" I said climbing out of bed with Alice in my arms

"You have to put me down so i can get dressed" She said then giggled

"Oh your right again my little pixie what would i do without you being right!" I said dramatically making her giggle again

"Shut up you and put me down" She said slapping my shoulder

I reluctantly put her down onto her own feet and give her a quick kiss then go into my walk in closet while she get's dressed in the en-suite. I quickly grab the first clothes i can find and put them on (Outfit above) then i walk into the bedroom only to stop dead in my tracks damn my mate gets more beautiful every day. She's wearing a cute little black school type skirt with white button up shirt that has a checkered pink vest over the top and paired all that with knee high white socks and back heels making her a little taller.

"Babe stop drooling we have to go" She said smirking

"Damn love your making it hard for me to control myself" I said with a low groan

"Just control yourself for today then i might let you loose control tomorrow" She said then winked at me

"Fine let's go you little minx" I said growling

I grab her hand then we both leave my house making sure to lock the door this time incaseme Bella finds my house which is unlikely but i don't want to take any chances. We both jump into my car then i drive at the speed limit all the to dad's only to see a moving truck, suitcases outside and i see some people wallkng around Bella's truck. Dad steps outside looking rough he has bags under his eyes, messy hair and he is still wearing his pj's seeing him like that worries me. I climb out the car with Alice doing the same then we both go over to him and straight away Alice hugs him while saying everything will be okay which makes my heart warm knowing they already have a father daughter bond. Suddenly i see a grey volvo driving towards us then it stops parking up next to my car as i hear dad mumble how that's Edward's car. Bella jumps out and comes running over to dad while Edward slowly gets out the car and walks over calmly.

"What the hell is going on! Why is my stuff being taken out the house!" Bella shrieked out looking horrified

"Well you see Isabella i found out something rather important a couple months ago so i had a DNA test done fot me and you that's when i found out why you and Renèe have been demanding that i buy you expensive things one after the other. The DNA test was rather eye opening you Isabella are not my daughter, you are my old childhood friends daughter so i'm not going to continue to pay for you seeing as you aren't my responsibility. The courts agree with me seeing as they are now ordering Renèe to pay me back for everything i have brought for you and they have granted me permission to get my name removed of your birth certificate due to me signing that under the impression you were my daughter. Now i am kicking you out my house and sending you back to your mother who is in phoenix if you don't want to go to your mother's then you need to go to Waylon Forge who is your father" Dad said surprisingly strongly


"That will never happen now will it so get off my property" Dad said calmly

"Oh Dad she tried to ruin my reputation by telling Alice i take every chance i can to beat her like a pulp, that i'm a lost cause that would never love Alice and that Alice would be better of with Jasper. Well your plan failed because everyone here in forks knows i am not like that even Alice knows i'm not like that, After today your reputation will be ruined not mine" I said coldly making Bella flinch

"Why would you say that Bella!?" Edward asked in shock

"Because i deserve all the attention in this town. I wanted everyone to say how amazing i am while boys drool over me! I wanted all the attention!" Bella snapped at him

"Your completely crazy, we're over Bella i can't be with someone who wants all the attention and wants other boy drooling over them! We're over leave me and my family alone" Edward said then ran to his car and left

"You heard Charlie leave now because if you don't those officers who have just arrived will escort you to phoenix" Alice said coldly and oddly enough hearing her talk like at sounded hot!



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