- Chapter 1: Embarrass Bella -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

I drive as fast as i can past the Welcome to Fork's sign wanting to get to dads house to have a serious word with my little sister because dad rang me to tell me that my sister Bella decided to go all the way to god damn Italy to save her fucking basterd of a boyfriend. The same boyfriend that left her in the woods where he dumped her and the same boyfriend that i have been told by dad is a god damn vampire which he only knows that thanks to me and him being bear shape-shifter's. If Bella is that vamps mate then i can't do anything about it but i can definitely beat him up a little for hurting my sister and leaving her in the woods unprotected.

Dad has had to keep himself incontrol many times to not go all bear when he has seen or been around Bella's vampire boyfriend because his parental instincts have almost take over numerous times wanting to protective his cub (Bella) from any danger that may come. It doesn't help that Bella doesn't have the shape-shifter gene so she is oblivious to the situation she is in because right now she is in middle of a protective papa bear and a clueless vampire. Just the thought of dad being close to bearing out in front of Bella is worrying me and making press harder on the accelerator with the need to get there faster to make sure dad is calm.

It didn't take me long for the house i grew up in to come into view because well i am going 100 mph wanting to make sure my dad is still my dad and not a bear right now. Once i parked my car i jumped out not even bothering to take my keys out the ignition because my car won't be stolen anyway thanks to everyone trusting everyone. I run up to the front door and just walk into the house expecting the inside to be clawed apart and to see a big grizzle bear in the livingroom but what i see instantly calms my worry. Dad is sat looking right at me in shock with a baseball game playing on the television for background noise.

"Well dad i'm home" I said smirking at his shocked face

"Ace!" He said snapping out his shock and literally jumped out his chair then rushed to hug me

"Your home! My oldest cub is home!" He said happily while pulling out the hug and holding me by my shoulders at arms length

"Yes i'm home and stop calling me cub i'm 19 now old man" I said teasingly knowing he hates being called old man

"I'm not a old man" He said smirking at me

"So being over a hundred years old isn't old?" I said with a raised eyebrow

"No son it's the new young" He said then chuckled

"Whatever you say dad" I said rolling my eyes

"It's nice to have you back home son, the house hasn't been the same since you have been gone" He said happily

"I'm glad to be back now where is my lovely sister?" I asked him worriedly

"She's still at school did you forget that she still attends" He said amusingly

"Well why don't we go and pay her a visit seeing as it's sunny and those vampire's won't be there" I said smirking

"Should i handcuff you and make you sit in the back then walk you through the school in handcuffs to embarrass her more" He said knowing i would say yes

"Yes let's do this" I said happily

I run out the house and take my keys out my car making sure to lock it up then i jump into dad's crusier feeling excited to embarrass my unsuspecting sister. Dad came out not longer later and threw the handcuffs into the back where i am sat i quickly grabbed them and put them on myself behind my back. Then dad started the drive to the school with the lights and siren on while driving as fast as he could to make everything look real. When we pull up to school the bell rings and loads of kids pile out onto the park making me smirk but dad puts his police face one.

"You ready son?" He asked amusingly

"I'm always ready to embarrass Bella" I said smirking

He nods his head as he gets out catching all the kids attention he walks round the cruiser to the passenger side i am sat on then opened the door and pulls me out roughly. Then he walks me into school while tapping my shoulder discreetly silent telling me its time to make it believable so i start to struggle to get free only to get gasps of shock from all the kids we passed in the corridors because i am fighting against their cheif swan. Not one student recognise me which kinda hurt seeing as i grew up with most of them but i have changed alot since i left Fork's because i'm now covered from head to toe in tattoo's, muscluar and taller. When we get to the cafeteria doors dad kicks them open with so much force they collide on the wall with a bang making all the kids and some teachers jump except one girl and that's Bella sat at a table in the far corner.

"BELLA SWAN!" Dad yells making Bella turn around as the cafeteria goes deadly quiet

"Dad!?" She said in shock

"Do you know this boy!" Dad said pretending to be angry

"No why would i?" She said confused

"Ouch little belly how could you not remember your older brother" I said and my deep voice echoes around the cafeteria

"Ace!?" She said in shock while blushing

"The one and only now come and give your brother one of your famous hugs or have i embarrassed you to much" I said smirking while sad uncuffed me

"For god sake Ace why couldn't you have just come to see me like a normal person!" She snapped out blushing more

"I'm not normal" I said shrugging my shoulders



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