- Chapter 6: Damn it! -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

I sat with dad the whole day cheering him up as much as possible because after what he told me he went silent and stared out the window for a while and i could tell it finally hit him that Bella wasn't his daughter but thankfully i got him out of it and we laughed, joked and watched some baseball. When i see it's nearly time to pick Alice up i ran out the house and jumped into the car hearing dad shout whipped as loud as he could but i ignored him by driving away faster then i have ever driven before because i don't want to keep my lady waiting. As i get to the school i see Alice walking outside looking angry at Bella who looks like she is shouting at Alice and i get the perfect idead to cheer my little pixie up so i drift into the parking lot making my tyres squeal and it works like a treat because Alice immediately smile when she sees it's me while everyone else just stares at me wide eyed. I see Alice running at human speed to her 'siblings' car with a hundred watt smile still on her face so i quickly park next to Emmett's jeep like i did this morning then i get out and open my arms wide just intime to catch Alice as she jumps into my arms wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck while i place my arm underneath her ass so no-one can see under her skirt.

"You better tell me why you were angry when we get home so i can make sure it never happens again because my pixie should always be happy not angry" I whisper into her ear

"I missed you babe and yes i will tell you later" She said sadly as her siblings and Bella finally make it over to us

"I missed you to love, now we can have our movie night" I said with a smirk

"Yeah i could do with a movie night with my brother" Bella said smiling at Edward

"Your not invited, it's just for me and my girlfriend" I said rolling my eyes at her

"But you haven't seen me for years!" Bella whined out

"From what i can tell your still the spoilt stuck up cow that won't take no for an answer just like you were back then" I said then gave Alice a kiss on the lips

"Don't talk to her like that" Edward snarled angrily

"I can talk to her how i want to after hearing some very interesting thing from dad. The truth will come out it always does and you will all find out sooner rather the later" I said smirking as i watch Bella's face go pale

"What does that mean!?" Edward asked confused

"Just like i said you will find out sooner rather then later" I said smirking again as Bella goes wide eyed this time

"Babe can we go home?" Alice asked sweetly

"Of course love" I said then kissed her forehead

"Can i come with you seeing as we are going to the same place?" Bella asked trying to act nice

"No because i'm not going to dad's, i'm going to my home where i am going to spend the whole afternoon with Alice cuddled into my chest" I said growling lowly

"Bella leave them alone! Can't you see and hear that they just want to be alone together. Go Ace we will make sure Bella doesn't follow you" Rosalie said angrily to Bella then talks to me politely

"Thank you Rosalie, i will see you all tomorrow" I said politely

I carefully put Alice in the passenger seat then rush around the drivers getting inside as quickly as possible making Alice giggle in the process. I shift the car into gear then race out the car park leaving behind a Bella screaming about how i should have took her with us. The whole drive Alice told me about how Bella had spent most of the day telling Alice a lie about how much of a man whore i am to try and get her to break up with me. Thankfully it didn't work due to all the girl's in the school telling Alice i didn't sleep with any of them and some of the girls even slapped Bella for trying to ruin our relationship.

Once we got to my house i jumped out and ran over to the passenger side only to see Alice already out so i picked her up putting her over my shoulder then ran into the house and straight up to my bedroom where i immediately layed on the bed placing Alice on my chest then turned on the Tv wanting to do nothing but snuggle for the rest of the day with the only girl i want and need in my life.

"Babe let's get into come comfortable clothes first" Alice suddenly said making me groan

"But love!" I whine

"No babe let's go put some comfortable clothes on incase you fall asleep then we can continue with our snuggles" She said then gives me a short but sweet kiss

"Damn it! Why are you always right about things" I said grumpily

"Better get used to me always being right!" She said with a giggled

"Oh i will and you better get used to my possessive ass" I said growling lowly

"That i will get used to because i know i'm all yours just like your all mine forever" She said smirking

"Damn your right again" I said smiling

"See i'm always right" She said happily

"Come on gorgeous let's get change because i'm definitely not moving off this bed again" I said winking at her



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