- Chapter 20: Can you repeat that!? -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

It's been four days since i had the shock of my life and fainted, things have been alittle hectic due to the fact Alice is slowly getting more and more human tendencies which is shocking the Cullen's but not me because it's nice to now be able to feed Alice her food and sleep beside her as she sleeps. She has also had me out driving to the grocery story in the middle of the night for the past two nights to get her something she is craving in thay moment which i did without question only for me to come back to her fast asleep again. Her asking me to do those things doesn't bother me because it makes me feel useful while she's going through something so hard for us to have a family we have both been dreaming about for and right now if she asked me to walk on water i would do it without hesitation.

"Ace it's time for our first check up with Carlisle" Alice said as she wobbled into the livingroom with Jasper behind her

"Wait that's today!? I thought it was tomorrow" I said tiredly

"Yes it's today" Jasper said amusingly

"I'm sorry for keeping you up at night Ace" Alice said sadly

"Don't you dare say sorry love, you needed something so i got it. Now let's go see our cubs for the first time" I said getting off the couch

"Maybe we should ask Carlisle to do it tomorrow so you can get some sleep" Alice said worriedly

"Not a chance in hell love, we are going to see our cubs today no matter how tired i am because a pregnant mama should always see her babies every chance she can get" I said firmly

"Cub take her to Carlisle's office, she's worried about you and won't go unless you physically take her" Jasper said amusingly

"Well then looks like im carrying you then" I said swooping Alice up into my arms bridle

"Ace! Put me down you need sleep!" She tried to order me but she just looked so cute trying to be all bossy

"No and oh hell no" I said walking up the stairs

"Don't faint again cub" Jasper says amusingly from the bottom of the stairs

"You'll hear me if i do!" I said back loudly with a chuckle making Alice giggle in my arms

"To right we will, maybe i will slap you around the face a couple times you wake you up" I hear Rosalie say jokingly from the kitchen

"You will have to get through me first Rose!" Alice snarled out in my arms as i just get to Carlisle's office

"Oh I'll get through you" Rosalie said and i now if i could see her she would be rolling her eyes

"No you couldn't, can't you remember what i did to Emmett when he lost control! Do you want me to throw you into a tree by your hair!" Alice snarled angrily

"No-one is slapping anyone, now behave guys!" Carlisle scolded making us all shut up

"Sorry about that Carlisle" I said sheepishly

"Not your fault Ace, can you lay Alice down onto this bed for me then we can get started on the check up" He said softly

I do what he asked and carefully layed Alice down onto the hospital bed that he set up in his office then stand to the left side of her so Carlisle can have the right side without me getting in his way. I watch him wheel over a ultrasound machine and he starts to press a few buttons while he does that Alice lifts her shirt showing her very small baby bump which has just started to show yesterday. That's when Carlisle puts some cold looking gel on Alice's stomach then starts to move the ultrasound wand around her stomach keeping his eyes locked onto the screen infront of him with wide eyes. Suddenly he looks at Alice then me with wider eyes and i swear if they could his eyes would pop out at any minute with how wide they have gotten, he presses a few more buttons then removes the ultrasound wand.

"Well i know how many babies, i mean cubs your having" He said in shock

"Are they okay?" I asked wanting to know if my cubs are okay before he tells us how many Alice is pregnant with

"They are perfectly healthy, active and growing fast" He said with a small smile

"I knew they would be fast growing because their half bear shape-shifter and half vampire, i just wanted to know if their healthly" I said honestly

"Is it twins or triplets?" Alice asked curiously

"Neither it's Quintuplets, your pregnant with five cubs Alice" Carlisle said still sounding in shock

"Five cubs, Baby we're having five cubs!: Alice said in excitement and shock

"Can you repeat that!?" I asked now in shock myself

"Quintuplets, Alice is pregnant with five cubs" Carlisle said with a small smile snapping out his shock

"FIVE CUBS!" I yelled in worry

"Oww my ears" Alice said catching mt attention

"I'm so sorry love, i'm just worried about you because carrying five cubs is going to be hard on your temporary human body" I said worriedly

"Ace, we are going to put Alice on a special of daily human blood bags and five meals a day to five her human body a fighting chance till the cubs are born" Dad said walking into the room

"I can't loose her or the cubs dad, i can't" I said with tears in my eyes, fuck being a what people call a bad boy right now

"You won't loose them cub" He said softly

"Ace Asher Swan!, you will not loose me or our cubs because we are fighters and fighters don't quit" Alice said firmly beside me

"Fighter's don't quit" I said locking eyes with her

"To right fighter's don't quit plus im going to make sure our cubs are born and have both parents" She said strongly

"Then we will work together to make sure you all make it" I said cupping her face in my hands

"Together?" She asked softly

"Fucking always" I said then slam my lips on her



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