Chapter 32: Enter the Dorms

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On the U.A campus, about five minutes walk from the main building, there is a building that was built only three days ago.

A campus, about five minutes walk from the main building, there is a building that was built only three days ago

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Height Alliance! These several new sets of buildings were named. This will act as the new homes for our new generation of heroes.

"Wow!! It's huge!" Sato said as everyone else was looking at the building.

"That means we're lucky!!" Ashido exclaimed, excited and happy.

"Yeah" Jirou agreed, albeit less enthusiastic. Midoriya took notice of this as his enthusiasm left him slightly in the absence of one of his friends.

As the two felt sad a bit inside and then others loitering around the Alliance, gawking, Aizawa gained their attention again.

"Alright, settle down. First of all, Class 1-A," he started, staring down at his students, thinking of a way to say what needed to be.

"What matters the most right now is that all of-- most of you are here gathered together safely" Students frowned to themselves after hearing their teacher correcting himself, noticing the absence of the certain blade user.

Right now, only the worst had invaded their thought. This is natural since what had happened 'that' night.

"Looks like almost all of us got permission, huh?" Sero said, a little somber. Hagakure wasn't even bothered to voice her hardship to get permission. The class's mood turned sour rather quickly.

"Uhm... Mr. Aizawa?" Jirou voiced, earning the attention of the homeroom teacher.

"If it's okay to ask... Where is Sosaki? Is he..." Jirou asked, trailing off. Just as she asked, the class had waited for someone to bring up the topic. The whole class started to interrogate Aizawa.

"Yeah!! Is he alright!? Did the police do anything to him or his sister!?" Kirishima bombarded.

"I-Is Sosaki okay? The news didn't really disclose much about him after the whole thing" Midoriya's turn to voice up.

"Yeah!! I was super nervous about him!!!" Even Mineta voiced his concern for Y/n. Just as Aizawa was about to snap, a pair of footsteps was heard.

The whole class turn their head to the sound source and saw the familiar figure.

"SOSAKI!!??" The class shouted, actually surprised by his appearance.

"(・・ ) ?" Y/n gave off a confused look to them, not understanding the distress they gave off.

"You're here! I thought that--" Midoriya pproached him first, holding Y/n's shoulder. Y/n was able to sign that he was fine, but Midoriya took it hesitantly.

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