Author note #1

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Sorry, guys if you were hoping for a chapter🙏. I was wondering, do you guys want the two movies to be added in here? Or do you all want it to be in a separate book? Or if you guys don't want it at all? vote it down below. And don't say that, "Just do what you think best" and whatnot.

I want to try to make something the majority of my readers want. Bear with me, okay? That's just how my brain functions. here's the vote.👇

Yes, in this book, please! Make it easy to read and switch to the normal chapter!

No, I want to read it in a separate book! Easy to search for it!

Nah, I'll pass... I wanna the content of the canon chapter...

Vote well! Bye for now! Chapter 5 will come out anytime now....

(The vote will be closed after 2 weeks)

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