[S1.5]Chapter 10: Sports Festival prologue; Training!

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(A/n: Hey ya guys! Miss me!? If not, too bad. Here's the prologue Season 2)

Another day, for another interesting day at UA. The day after the invasion, the school was closed. But not today! Y/n woke up, as usual, did his morning routine. He bid goodbye to his mom and made his way to school. And the routine repeats itself, meeting with Jirou, and then Midoriya. Then, they rode the train and arrived at school.

(A/n: I just realized, Jirou's home address didn't mention and I've searched the wiki, and I've found nothing. So yeah, I made that her house is near Y/n's canon in this fanfic)


"All right, listen! It's time for this morning's homeroom period! Take your seats, Everyone!!!" Iida said out of nowhere. "We are in our seat Iida. You're the one who isn't" Iida stiffen up at Y/n's remark, and seated down in his seat. Then, someone who they didn't expect came tottering into the class.

"Morning" A mummy walked into the class! 

"Aizawa-sensei!? You're back already?!?" The whole class yelled in worry. Aizawa then limped towards the class' podium.

"Sensei, you're alright!!" Iida said the opposite. "Can you even call that 'alright'?" Commented Y/n to himself. 

"Don't concern yourselves over me. After all, the battle hasn't really ended yet for you"

"The battle?" 

"You don't mean..." 

"More villains!!?"

"UA's Sports Festival is near!"

"A Sports Festival! That's right, this is a school!" some of the students yelled in realization.

But there's always that one guy who isn't so thrilled about it. "But that's something villains would try to infiltrate, right? Would it be fine to hold something like that after the other day's event??" Mineta asked anxiously.

"It's the opposite, really. Since we're going to hold the festival, it means that the school is confident about its security. For example, the police will make the security five times more strict than usual. What you should be thinking about is, what a huge chance the academy's sports festival presents for you all" 

Aizawa talked about the safety and benefits that they could get. But Mineta still felt unsure and asked if they can halt the Sports Festival.

After a brief explanation about the importance of the UA Sports Festival, the change in the history of sports, and the most important of all, the chance to make a brighter future in heroics.


After class, Afternoon break...

Everyone was talking about the spirits and tension at the Sports Festival subject. Even Uraraka and Iida were excited. But Iida sure has a weird way to express it. Uraraka then started to declare something to the class. 

"Guys!! I'm!! Gonna!! Go for it!!" She exclaimed as she thrust her hand upwards with each word.  But Y/n here, he's laying his head on the desk, for no reason.

Then, a certain purple-haired girl approached him.

"Hey, Sosaki" he just grumbled as a response. "You don't seem excited as the others were. Why's that?"

"Oh, I'm excited alright" Y/n replied, still in his arms.

"Anyways, I've got a question for you." Said Jirou as she took a seat in front of Y/n.

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