Chapter 27: Hero Training Camp, Raided

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The next day went on as what you'd expect; a lot of hellish screaming, grunting, and a bit of puking.

"Test of courage...?" Y/n questioned as he's still training with his Enhanced Breathing in the cave. Jirou had come to inform him of their activity tonight.

"Hm... Just like Auntie Ragdoll to make that kind of thing. But, it is rational to take off our mind from the tiredness of training." He concluded as Jirou just listen to him.

But, he then grew silent, just staring into the ground, an uneasy expression on his face.

"Uhm... Are you okay, Sosaki?" She inquired, seeing her friend is acting kind of off.

Sure he's quiet, but not that sudden when he's talking.

"Ah... No, I'm fine... Just... Thinking" He said slowly, his mind still thinking.

She just looked at him with worry. Maybe he didn't want to talk about it? He did mention he didn't like this forest.

"I'll go now... Dinner will be at 7 as usual. Don't be late!" She ran off outside the cave.

Letting out a soft hum, he walked deeper into the cave. Walking deeper, Y/n's expression started to change to one that we could say anger.

His veins around his head start to bulge, his breathing quickened. His fist clenched to the point his nails almost drew blood from his palm.

Raising his fist, he slammed it onto the cave walls, gaining a massive crack on it.

"Damn it... Calm yourself down Y/n... No use dwelling on it now. They're dead... Move on, you piece of shit..." He cursed himself, bangs covering his face as a single tear of regret slid down his face.


"NO WAY!!!" Ashido yelled. Devastated and desperate, she wriggled through the iron grip of Aizawa's binding weapon. They had to go to the remedial classes, that's why.

The Test of Courage! You have to enter the forest with a pair while the other class will do their best to scare the shit outta the entering class.

The pair has been made;

Sosaki and Shoji

Bakugo and Todoroki

Jirou and Hagakure

Uraraka and Asui

Ojiro and Mineta

Yaoyorozu and Aoyama

Iida and Koda


"Eh...? I'm left out with no teammates..." Midoriya could feel his soul leave his body.

"Don't worry, Izuku! I will acompany you!!" Kuroha exclaimed with excitement in her eyes.

"Oi, tail guy... Switch with me...!!" Bakugo demanded, not wanting to go with Todoroki.

"Hm... Well, let's get going then, Shoji" Y/n said as he walk into the forest.

"Yeah" He replied. The two quiet people walk into the Test of Courage site.

"Oooh... I wonder how those two will et surprised~!! They're the most quiet one in the class" Hagakure chimed, curious.

"Nii-san won't be making surprised sound! He's awesome!!" The younger of the Sosaki twins said.


"Do you smell that...?" Y/n questioned as he take a whiff of the air. Shoji made a nose with his Dupli-arms and smell the area.

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