Chapter 14: Fight, Uraraka!

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(Hey, another chapter! Anyways, hope you enjoy this chapter!



Smoke everywhere. As far as the eye can see, he could only see the rubble of the destroyed building, the blood of the deceased ally and enemy was splattered everywhere. 

Y/n was standing in the midst of it, his blade wings were linked to his back. Two swords were summoned onto each of his hands.  

In his eyes, he could see two figures were standing in that smokes. One of them was Jirou, who is having her guard up at her opponent.  A villain. That villain was clearly having the upper hand, his hands glowing with a bright white glow. 

Jirou was panting heavily, tired of their brawl earlier. Suddenly, in one swift move, the villain caught her in his arm, taking her hostage as he sees that Y/n was speeding to their location. His left hand was having Jirou in a neck lock. And his right hand is near her head, glowing brightly and some fire waving from the villain's hand.

Y/n was forced to halts his pursuit and stand there helplessly. And the next thing that happened scarred him...... 

A scream of a girl was heard......

Blood splattering to the ground.....

'Sosaki .....'

He could still hear her voice.


It's almost like she's still here.



"!?" Y/n suddenly jolted. In other's point of view, Y/n suddenly went silent at the start of Bakugo Vs Uraraka, and then he came to when Bakuou gave another blast towards approaching Uraraka. Seeing the smoke and Uraraka trying to approach Bakugo, Y/n remembered the vision/dream he had. He just shakes it off after remembering such a thing.

"Are you okay? You kinda out of it for a moment right after the match started" Jirou told him worriedly. Y/n then heard another explosion came from the arena. He looks in the direction and saw that Bakugou was blasting Uraraka off her feet.

"He's keeping a sharp eye out before making any moves...!" "With that reaction speed, not even a smokescreen's any use, huh?" Y/n heard Sero and Kaminari discussed amongst themselves.

Even after been foiled from her plan, Uraraka still pushes through to attack her opponent. But Bakugo didn't let down and blasted her again when she was close enough. This went on several more times, Uraraka approaching Bakugo for an attack, Bakugo stops her with a blast, and she goes back up and it goes for a loop. 

Y/n found it sad(for her) that she has to go through this type of opponent. Even Present Mic started to comment, 

"She's pressing on her charge without moments rest, but..... seeing this......" Present Mic said. Even the crowd started to feel bad for Uraraka. Jirou, who has her hands in front of her peeked at Y/n who has his arms crossed, face showed no concern for Uraraka.

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