Chapter 30: A Promise to Upheld (Pt 2)

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Meanwhile, with Bakugo Rescue Team...

"S-Sosaki... What in the world..." Midoriya muttered, not believing his eyes.

What he's seeing is not acceptable to him. He heard groans from Iida as he regain consciousness. Iida looked around, trying to regain his bearing,

"H-huh...?" He groaned out, feeling his chest, where Y/n had hit him. Reality finally sinks in, as he gasped and immediately stood up.


"Sorry, Iida... We couldn't do a thing to stop him... He's too strong" Yaoyorozu apologized while holding her chest, seeing the heartbreaking scene unfolding in front of her.

Seeing her, Iida stood up, barely, trying to have a look as well


They were surprised. Someone was thrown near to where they were. They heard a pained moan coming from a female, same age as them.

Y/n had thrown Kuroha, again, trying to tire her out. Although, Kuroha manage to handle her brother for a while now.

She sidestepped a heavy punch from him, using her hand and his momentum to at least make him fall. This was somewhat manageable, because, Kuroha found out that in this state, Y/n's attack pattern is simple but fast and heavy. So, either she predicts, block, and sidestep his attack, or get hit by a heavy and powerful attack from her brother.

That's what you'd expect when you trained with the Enhanced breathing user himself. Naturally, she would learn Enhanced Breathing a little bit, and some hand to hand combat. Who would've thought, right?

Dodging a powerful figure punching her, she used her arms in an attempt to do a shoulder throw, but with Y/n's Quirk, that is proved to be rather difficult. He used his Wing-blade and flew, carrying Kuroha with him, attempting to drop her off at a great height.

"My god..." Iida gasped out, not believing his eyes. How could a brother do that to his sibling?

His eyes then trailed off to where Bakugo is. He gained an idea.

"Midoriya... You may not want to hear this, but... We have to save Bakugo--" Before he could even finish his words, Midoriya retaliate.

"NO! I won't leave a friend behind!!"

"Then what about Bakugo!? You want to waste the chance to save him!? Look!!" Iida forced Midoriya's head to look at the situation from the big picture.

Firstly, the most obvious one and the most unfortunate, Y/n is trying to eliminate kuroha. Second, Bakugo is trying to find himself off to The siblings, trying to help, but he was stuck to dealing with the LoV. Third, All For One is occupied with All Might, boasting about his newly acquired slave.

Midoriya gasped. He didn't like the idea one bit. But...

"No... I don't like that idea... I mean, what about Y/n!? We're gonna abandon him just like that!?" Midoriya explodes. Iida was taken aback quite a bit. He then proceeds to grab then greenette's shoulders to set his point through.

"Sosaki-- I won't lie about this, but he's the strongest, if not one of the strongest in our class. I believe in him to somehow free himself from whatever he's in, so, you need to trust him too, is that alright...?"

"Even I, as the class Rep loathes the idea, but, if this works, and Sosaki can save himself, then it is a plus... But, if not... Please don't let me imagine about it..." Iida said regretfully. He truly wants to save both of them, but in this situation, one of them is capable of saving, while the other is truly depends on luck.

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