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Hey guys!

First off, i want to apologize to those who are looking forward for an update, but im sorry to inform of you, that i'll only start back updating after 16th march.

And second. I'm.... Kinda in a dilemma.

Looking back in Blade Dance's draft, i noticed that the reader is kinda.... OP...?

That's how i view it, personally. And I'm kinda considering a rewrite. A reboot, if you will. The plotlines will be about the same, the personalities, and the circumstances. But what I want to change is your guys's Quirk. I feel a need to nerf it, to give an actual improvement to the character's development, not just in the personality and emotional aspect.

So, what do you guys think? Do you want me to rewrite the srory? Or do you guys still want to be slughtly OP? Or, do you guys have a suggestion?

Let me know.

Oh, and, don't just tell me, "Do wjatever you want, its your book."

No, I want your input in this, either rewrite, or no, or your idea. Which is it.


Stay OP?

You guys' ideas?

(P.s: Sorry if this seem kinda like a rant)

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