Chapter 7: Combat Training, Part II !!

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(A/n: Hello, and welcome to chapter 7! ✧Yay~~✧ Today, we will see Y/n in battle with real people! What will he do? What can he do with his sword? Read it to know! I'm no spoiler! )

After a whole lot of battles, it was finally Team F vs Team E!

"Team F as the heroes, and Team E as the villains!" All Might announced. "Team E can go ahead to set up." All Might instructed. Ashido and Aoyama was the team member of the villain team.

"Ready, Sato?" Ask Y/n.

"Yeah!" Sato replied while punching his fist together.

"Start!" All Might said through the comms. Right after, Y/n used his quirk to summon six blades and linked them to fly outside the building.

"Whoa... He's flying? But why outside the building?". "That's because he's scouting of course! Remember, the hero team doesn't know which floor the weapon would be placed on by the villain team. So, he used his quirk to fly and scout the building to search for the weapon." All Might explained.

"And originally, his sword wasn't meant to use for flying!"

"Huh!?" The whole class was shocked.

"His quirk only lets him summon blades, not the ability to fly. So, by using his brain, he was able to take advantage of his quirk to make a whole new ability! That level of Quirk control is certainly remarkable!" He ends his explanation with a laugh.

"Wow, such a manly way to use a quirk!"

"Yeah, so cool!"

With Y/n... While flying around, he saw the room he was supposed to find, and use the earpiece that All Might gave them.

"Sato, do you hear me?" Y/n asked through the earpiece. "Loud and clear. What's up?" Sato asks. Probably not a bright question, but whatever.

"Found 'em. They're on the top floor."  "Roger that!"

With that, Sato beginning to run into the building and heads towards the top floor. Shortly after, a crash was heard by Sato. He immediately puts his guard up, ready to fight. But actually, it was Y/n who came crashing into the window.

"Do you... Have a bad habit or something?" Sato asks. Y/n dust himself of before answering,

"I don't know... It's just, happens, I guess. C'mon, we have to move- look out!" Yelled Y/n, he saw a shiny light, and suddenly, came a laser beam, or rather Naval Laser! Luckily, Y/n went in front of Sato and summoned four blades to create a makeshift shield. The impact was not that powerful, but enough to caught Y/n off guard. The shield cracks, but luckily the laser finally stopped.

"Mon Dieu, I missed~" They heard a voice. The voice holder was Aoyama! He was wearing  ✨shiny✨ armor. His hand behind his head, and his belt was lighting out. Dying out after the previous attack.

"You... Imitating Bakugou, aren't ya?" Sato asked. A little bit irritated. " Not quite. This is a formulated attack. That Bakugou's attack was not doué(brilliant)."  Aoyama

(A/n: Yeah... I tried)

Sato readies his fist, ready for battle. But Y/n stops him, raising his sword in front of him.

"Huh? What are you doing, Sosaki?"

"I'll take him. Conserve your energy to fight Ashido. We still don't know what kind of quirk she has." Y/n explained. "Plan A failed, so we need to proceed to plan B," Y/n said.

"Right!" He lowered his fist. Y/n took a defensive position and summoned six more blades. Immediately after, Aoyama began to shoot again. Y/n used the sword in his hand to protect himself and six of his blades to protect Sato. 

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