Chapter 21: Worth

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The last day of the Internship.


That was all he could feel-- besides the harsh wind while flying-- when he was interning with the No. 3 hero, Hawks. On the whole week with him, the only thing Y/n could do was assist with neutralizing an enemy, or he would be not fast enough to only help with the cleanup before trying to follow the hero again. 

"Am I that low of worth to only be his messenger...?" He thought.

Right now, our flying swordsman is flying in the city of Kyushu. Struggling with trying to keep up with Hawks.

Flying, Y/n couldn't help but enjoy the view of the city. Probably because he couldn't before because of chasing Hawks. "Maybe flying all the time isn't that bad after all. I got to enjoy the view at least" Y/n said through his headpiece. 

Suddenly, he noticed a commotion that's happening in the distance. Curiosity getting the better of him, Y/n decided to abandon his current goal, which is trying to catch up with Hawks, and went in a new direction, the commotion.


Arrived at the place, a famous coffee shop that opens not too long ago in the City of Kyushu. Y/n tried his best to not get noticed. By who? By--

"Get down, you lots!" A person with a weird-looking hand, holding his hand in a gun position with two fingers, holding a hostage in front of him. The hostage that he's holding is a child, a 10-year-old girl. 

That kid was crying, trying to pry off the robber's arm from her neck. Using his visor, he eyed the other hostage in front of the robber, the girl's mother, who seems to have some bruises on her cheek. "Did the robber force the kid to be the hostage...?" He said in a low tone, almost angered.

"Did Hawks overlook this?" Y/n asks himself while looking at the situation. He was confused, 'why would Hawks overlook something like this?' he thought grimly.

Assessing the situation, Y/n concluded;

"There's one main threat, the weird-hand guy. And there are also four other guys with him, but they're holding a gun.  And there are approximately 14 other hostages" He said to himself. 

Standing up, he went to touch his earpiece to contact Hawks. But stops midway, remembering his own words earlier. 


"Am I really that low of worth to only be his messenger...?" He thought.


Lowering his hand, he tightly grips it.

"I'll prove my worth..." He said with determination. 


"Please, don't take Sayu! Take me instead!!-" A woman pleaded but was met with a backhand slap. She was sent rolling to the ground with how strong the robber is, holding her pained cheek.

"Shut up, woman!! 'I' get to choose who I want to hold hostage here! And you!" The robber said to the girl he was holding, pulling her hair to get her attention.

Feeling the pain, she couldn't help but comply. Tilting her head up, she looks at the man with tears flowing out of her eyes.

"Don't do anything stupid. I know you've seen enough cartoons or movies, so don't even think about it! If you want to see your mom live to see another sunrise that is." He warned. The girl silently gasps, and lets go of a fork she was secretly hiding.

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