Chapter 15: Round Two, Fight!

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(A/n: Man... this one is short too... but I'll try to make it longer in the next one! Anyways, hope you enjoy this chapter! Have a great reading!)

AAaandddd the battle has started!! Todoroki didn't waste his time and immediately unleashed his ice at Midoriya. As for Midoriya's counter is by flicking his finger with One-For-All, breaking the ice with a powerful gust of wind. The wind also carries the cold temperature from the ice to the audience.

"WHOOAAAH! He smashed it!!" Present Mic commented. 

Without rest, Todoroki strikes again, just to be countered again by Midoriya. 

Realizing the greenette's plans, Y/n chuckled.

"So, that's your plan, Midoriya," Y/n said to himself. "What do you mean, Sosaki?" Jirou asked

"Man, they started already?" But Kirishima interrupted her. 

"Oh! Good job on making it to the second round, Kirishima!" 

"Yep! And your next Bakugo!"

"I'm gonna beat you to death" Bakugo replied sternly. "Hahaha, I'd like to see you try!"

"But man, you and Todoroki can both shoot off powerful attacks that cover a lot of ground. And don't get me started with Sosaki's sword skill and speed" He expresses his mind. And Sero agrees with him. "Yeah, and you can use it with  no time lag!"

"I'm not just shooting them off. Don't underestimate 'em" Bakugo said with rationality. "Quirks are physical abilities too. If you keep using your muscles, they'll tear. If you keep running, you'll be out of breath. They also have some kind of limits"

After hearing Bakugo's explanation and Kirishima's assumption, Jirou realized that Y/n had already realized Midoriya plan the moment he initiates it. All the more reason for her to- oops!


With Midoriya and Todoroki...

Todoroki is still relentless in sending huge ice attacks at Midoriya. At this point, Midoriya has used all of his fingers on his right hand. 

Todoroki took this chance and closes in with a ramp made out of ice. Out of desperation, Midoriya used his already broken left index finger and flick them to destroy the ramp.

But that didn't stop the candy cane. He jumps off, and slams his fist to the ground, creating some ice around it. Luckily, Midoriya evades it by jumping away. Todoroki took this chance while Midoriya in the air and launched some more ice at his opponent. 

Not wanting to get caught in the ice, Midoriya sacrificed his left arm to launch a devastating force and break the ice, all the while sending Todoroki a lot of distances away.[

Even with that much force, Todoroki didn't fell out of bounds yet.

"This bad. For Midoriya's side, that is" Y/n said while putting his hands together and slumped forward  "What's wrong?" Jirou asked. Hoping that no one will interrupt her this time.

"It's just that, Todoroki's abilities. From his agility, quirk, how he asses the situation, and his counter, all of them are terrifyingly powerful. Midoriya will have to be super lucky, or super reckless to have a chance to win this"

They were having a chat for a moment at the arena, when suddenly, Todoroki closes the range to have close-range combat.

So, it should be easy for Todoroki right? But what's slowing him down? Well, ironically,

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