Chapter 6: Combat Training!

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The second day has arrived! Y/n got up from his bed in his usual way, did his routine in the morning, and headed to UA. 

Along the way, he met up with Jirou. She went and greet him first.

"Hey, Sosaki" She greets. 

"Hey, Jirou" he greets back. They were heading to the train station to UA, but the journey was awfully silent for a lovely morning like this. 

So, Y/n decided to strike up a conversation.

"Hey, Jirou"  He calls out.


"Yesterday's accident didn't disturb your sleep, does it?" Y/n ask after greeting her back. 

"Fortunately, no." She replied. 

"Good to hear. That was... awfully short" Y/n thought. 

They continue their walk to the station. after a while, they have arrived at UA

"Sosakiiii!!!" Both of the teenagers heard a voice calling. They turned around and saw the green-haired boy, Midoriya!

"Oh, hey Midoriya. Fancy seeing you here. Thought you would arrive at class by now." Y/n greets him. 

He just smiled, embarrassed. "I woke up a little late. Recovery Girl's quirk did make me a little tired after."

"Anyway, we need to get to class! Class starting in 5 minutes!" Screamed Midoriya. Then he ran off. Y/n just sighed at this.

"What? Exhausted already?" Jirou asked him. 

Y/n shook his head negatively. "No, it's just that-"  He looked at Midoriya who is still running. "- Midoriya is my best friend since Middle school. Seeing him struggling to fit in while having a dream to be a hero, just made me nostalgic. Now he can accomplish his dream and make many friends and finally fit in" HE looked down at his palm, and made a fist, looking determined.

"And I'm not planning to fall behind him. I'm going to be a 'hero too'!" Said him and then he started to run too. Jirou looked at him and smiled.

"Guess I'm running too then." She said and beginning to run in the boys' direction.


The classes that day were normal. And after that, they even had lunch at the cafeteria. The food was cooked by the Cook Hero: Lunch Rush! Even Midoriya was gawking at him. Y/n has a bunch of food on his table, too much for a normal person to have. He was sitting with his newly made friends from yesterday. To his right is Kaminari and in front of him was Kirishima

"Y'know, having that much food for lunch isn't exactly healthy..." Kirishima pointed out. Y/n just continued to eat his food without care.

"I need all the calories I need for this afternoon class." He said

"What?" Kaminari was confused.

After they finished eating, they went back to class. Getting ready for the afternoon class as Y/n has said. All of the 1-A class students were excited. Because the class they're having is Basic Hero Training! And the teacher is-!

"I AM HERE! Coming through the door like a normal person!" All might entered the class! The students were surprised and excited at the same time

"Pretty sure normal people don't enter class like that..."

"It's All Might!"

"Wow, he really is a teacher!"

"That's a costume from the Silver Age, isn't it?"

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