Chapter 11: Sports Festival!

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The 2 weeks have passed. All of the students of 1-A have prepared for the UA's Sports Festival. Now, they're waiting in the waiting room, waiting to come out for the starting ceremony. (Wow, that's a lot of 'waiting' ;)  ) Everyone was chatting amongst themselves. it was rather peaceful, but someone decided to break it. 

Todoroki walked up to Midoriya, seemingly that he has something to say. "Midoriya."

Midoriya turned his attention to the half-half guy. "What is it, Tododroki?"

And the declaration of war happened. After they ended their debate, the room's door swung open. Revealing Y/n with a handkerchief, wiping something off his hands. Turns out, he just got back from the toilet. He looked around, everyone seemed tense. Like, something major had happened. 

"Did I miss something?"


"The UA Sports Festival!! Where the hero world's premature heroes!! Aim for each other's throat-- and of course, the top!! Our grand yearly melee!!!!" Present Mic, as the announcer for the freshmen's arena, yelled. "And let me guess, all of you came to see them, right?? The freshly-formed miracle starts that shrugged off a mass villain assault with wills of steel!"

As of cue, a group of students walked out of a tunnel that is connected to the main arena. "The Hero Department, Freshmen class, give a round of applause for 1-A!!!" All of the 1-A students walked out of the tunnel, some of them were nervous because of the sheer amount of cheering and clapping.

Present Mic then introduced the other department, but as lousy as ever with a short and un-climax introduction. A lot of the other students who came from the other department voiced their disapproval, but only to themselves.

Suddenly, a loud whipping sound came from a stage upfront. "Now now, fair play!!" Lo and behold, it's the 18+ only heroine, Midnight!

"Wait, '18+ only'? Is it alright for her to be here? " Y/n asked no one in particular. But she heard him alright. "Silence. *Whipping noise* My tenure here is perfectly on the level!! Now, for the student's representative, Y/n Sosaki!" She announced the poor boy's name. Even the said teenager was confused a bit. 

"Ehhhh!!? Our representative is Sosaki!!?"  Midoriya exclaimed, confused as heck. "He placed first in the Entrance Exam, remember?" Sero said.

He walks up the podium(?) calmly-- scratch that. He walked up the podium 'looking' calmy. But on the inside, he was nervous. While walking, he thought about what he should say. Upon arriving, he faced the crowd, and said,

"I have never given speeches like this before. So, I hope it'd go well. *ahem* I just hope, that whatever the school put us through today in the Sports Festival, that everyone will work hard and push beyond your limits-" He got ready to yell, and the crowd followed with, 

"PLUS ULTRA!!!" Everyone cheered along with him. The stadium is now full of cheers from the students and the spectators. Everyone was clapping for Y/n for his encouraging speech.

"Alright, with that we can move directly onto our first event! Onto the 'preliminaries', as they're called! Lots of students choked on their tears on this round! The first round for this year is..." The screen is shuffling the name of the round, raising the tension.

"... This!!!" She pointed at the screen. It shows the word [Obstacle Race].


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