Chapter 20: Internship

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(A/n: Sup guys! Sorry for not updating recently. I was caught up with exam, and you get the gist of it. And, my updating schedule will be back to normal, and expect another one before Friday! Anyways, enough of me rambling... Presenting, Chapter 20!)

Somewhere in Japan...

"Right, now... What are you doing here...? What's your name again... Black Knight was it?" Shigaraki, the leader of The League of Villians, said to a person. That person is wearing full armor, and you guessed it, he wears it all black. And behind him is a giant sword, also black.

"As I said, I want to join you in your little league. I'm interested in one of your targets, such as Y/n Sosaki..." Black Knight explained. But Shigaraki wasn't having it, he's already frustrated from the injuries he's having, and he has to handle this new guy. 

"What makes you think I'll allow you to join? What are your benefits to me and the league? Is Sensei really thinks that this guy really can benefit us, huh?" The leader rambles. "Shigaraki Tomura, according to the information that we currently have, he really is a good asset if we have him in our arsenal."

"Blackie's right. And if you still don't believe me, I'll gladly show you." He said with his arms wide open to his side.


Long story short... Shigaraki attempts to attack him, by using his hand to disintegrate him. But to his surprise, Black Knight didn't.

Smirking under his helmet, he let out a chuckle. 

"Huh...? How are you still alive? Shouldn't you be turned into a cloud of dust already?" Confused, he steps back cautiously, not taking his eyes off of Black Knight.

"That's his Quirk, 'Quirk Cancelation'. His quirk allows him to cancel any Quirk effects that hit him and his equipment" Kurogiri stated. "He uses this ability to kill Heroes by canceling their Quirk, rendering them exposed. And then finish them off" He explained further. 

"Now... where's my members' card?" Black Knight asked with a cocky tone.

Somewhere in Kyushu

Y/n is seen walking to a certain building. Upon arriving, he takes a look again at the piece of paper that has the address of the agency he's interning. Confirming it, he nods to himself.

"Hm. So this is the place..." Y/n said as he looks up at the said building. It's pretty tall, suitable for the 'Wing Hero: Hawks'. The hero he's supposed to meet shortly.

He walks inside the agency's building, reminding himself of what Aizawa told him this morning.

A frickin' Flashback

"You all have your costumes, right?" Aizawa asked the students. "Remember, you're not allowed to wear them in public. Don't lose them or anything."

"Yessiiiirr!!" Ashido yelled with eagerness. "Speak clearly! It's 'Yes sir', Ashido!" Aizawa scolded. 

"Yes sir..." She said sadly.

"Make sure you mind your manners with the heroes at your internship! Off you go, now." Aizawa dismissed. 

Everyone is walking from their designated station to their intern's place. 

"Sosaki, you're going to Kyushu, right? That's the opposite direction..."

"Yeah. A shame that we can't exactly meet up." Y/n replied. Kirishima then said something about "Take care!" or "Stay manly!" or something. Y/n didn't really pay attention that much. But what he is concerned with is,

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