Chapter 9: Even Bigger accident!!

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(A/n: Hi! Welcome to another chapter of Blade Dance! I'm not gonna say much, so let's get straight into it!)


Today's classes were normal as per usual. Like basic studies and all that fun stuff. But at 12:50 p.m...

"Alright, for today's class it was decided that you all will be supervised by three teachers including me, All Might, and someone else" Said Aizawa. Iida then decided to ask a question regarding the subject.

"Sensei!! What will we be doing!?" "Be the hero everyone needs, whether it's a flood or any other disaster..." He brings out a card written; 

"It's the trail of hero rescue!" Aizawa said. The class then started to talk amongst themselves.

"Trial of rescue... sounds a bit difficult this time around..." Kaminari said.

"C'mon, that's what a hero's whole job is!" Kirishima protested.

"If it's a flood, then that environment is my specialty then *ribbit*" Asui stated the obvious.

"Don't get ahead of yourselves..." Aizawa said as he glared at the class with his crimson eyes. "As I was saying, this time, it's entirely up to each of you whether or not you wear your costume. Some of your costumes aren't adapted to the task at hand after all", Aizawa explained further as he opened the class's hero costume cases. 

"The training area is fairly far away, so we'll get there by bus. That's all. Go get prepared." He dismissed the class and everyone got going to change into their costume.

When everyone got ready, Iida instructed them to line up in front of the bus, to smoothly take a seat inside. But as it turns out, the bus was actually like the public transport bus. And Y/n somehow got a seat beside Todoroki. once inside...

Asui initiates a conversation with Midoriya. "Hey Midoriya, I always say what I think no matter what's on my mind" "Ah!? Hi, Asui!" Midoriya greets her. 

"Call me Tsu" She corrected. "Your quirk reminds me a lot of All Might's" She said bluntly. Midoriya was surprised, probably not expecting that.

"Haha... That's so...? But mine isn't like--" He was cut off by Kirishima.

"But All Might never get hurt! That's where it differs! I'm kinda jealous of that kind of quirk, the power enhancement type. There's a lot you can do with one, and it's  flashy too!" He then starts to flex his hand to activates his quirk. "My 'hardening' quirk, Isn't bad for punch-ups, but I hate that it's not that flashy"

"Your quirk doesn't need to be flashy to be iconic, Kirishima" Y/n pokes his head out from his seat to interjects. 

"It can be a major help for rescuing and some more functions. That way it can become flashy too" He sits back down properly as he finished, but too roughly as he has accidentally woken up the half-half boy.

"If we're talking about flashy quirks, you can't not mention Todoroki and Bakugou, or even Sosaki too!" Ashido said enthusiastically.

"But Bakugou's always fuming, so he won't be very popular" "What's that you b*th!? I'll get popular too!!!" He yelled at Asui.

"Wow, Bakugou... you're getting teased here in UA. Did you degrade or something?" Y/n pours more oil at the already fuming flame while scrolling through social media.

"You..... C'mere you, Sword-saint!!!" Bakugou now literally climbs up the seat to get to Y/n but was stopped when Aizawa said that they're almost there.


"WOAH!!!! Is this U.S.J or what?!"

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