Chapter 26: Day 2! Better get your ass to it!!

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"Thanks for the food!!!" The class cheered. Now, they're having dinner/lunch.

The atmosphere was lively. They got to eat some delicious food after a hard day of fighting dirt. Who wouldn't want delicious food after?

"My tastebuds are crying tears of joy!!" Kirishima screamed with tears of joy. The others merrily agreed.

"Hm? This is Kuroha's cooking..." Y/n mentioned nonchalantly as he take a bite out of his f/c.

Some of the boys went wide wide-eyed at this new piece of information. And surprisingly, Bakugo as well.

Then, all of a sudden, they gulf down all the food, and when they finished, they slammed their culinary at the table.

"SECONDS PLEASE!!!" They screamed with confidence and determination.

"Wow, they sure are hungry" Jirou noted while munching down on her food.

"Heh... Stuff your face while you still can... Cuz tomorrow is gonna be hectic from here" Pixie bob said with a sinister smile.

After that, the students proceed to have a bath. Though, not any normal bath...

"I forgot that we still had these..." Y/n commented as he stripped down, getting ready to enter the hot spring.

'Though, I have a feeling a certain Incarnation of Human Lust would be acting' Y/n thought as he wrapped his waist with the short towel.

He entered the hot spring and heard some commotion.

'What is it this time'

The fogs created from the hot water's steam cleared up, discovering that Mineta is viscously climbing the bamboo wall with high speed.

"This little--" Y/n didn't get to finish his own sentence and summoned and threw several blades at the purple pervert.

But it missed.

"Damn this fog!!" He blamed it because he somehow missed.

As Mineta was about to reach the top, reaching his heaven, a certain horned-cap kid emerges.

"Learn what it means to be a dignified human being before aiming to become a hero, Scum" Kota said, before pushing Mineta off the edges, letting him be for himself when he falls.

"We'd expect nothing less from Mineta" Jirou said with a glare.

"You rock, Kota!!" Ashido cheered.

While Mineta couldn't watch his heaven, Kota was able to get a cheap gaze for a second, before his nose leaked into the blood.

He stumbled on his legs, and fell forwards, into the girls' part of the hot spring.

"KOTA!!!" Y/n yelled in worry. He summoned his wing-blade, ready to take off, but a certain tape user grabbed his ankle mid-air and dragged him down into the.

"Grgl brllgb drrbng!!?? (What are you doing!!??"

"Sorry, Sosaki. Girls' side is off-limits" Sero apologized.

Y/n just grumbled in annoyance in the water, air bubbles coming out of his nose.


He ran through the hall to get to his brother. Someone should've caught him grim falling, right? Maybe Uraraka? She can bitch slap Kota to save him, he kinda needed a slap though in Y/n's opinion.

Finally reaching into the room, he opened it.

To his surprise, his eyes were blessed by the view.

Jirou, still in her hot spring towels, stood there with Kota and Shino. She looked like she was listening to something that his mother had to say. She looked up at the sound of the door open abruptly, and saw a blur-- and a towel dropping down...?

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