Chapter 23: The Final Exams!

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The school bell had rung, indicating the end of class.

"Okay, that's it for class. There's only one week left until the final exams. You all are studying properly, right?" Aizawa asked as he faced the class. "I'm sure you already know, But it won't just be a written exam. There's also a practical component. Make sure you train your mind and body at the same time. That's all"

"I haven't studied at all!!" Ashido[19/20] and Kaminari[20/20] yelled at the same time, though Kaminari was yelling with panic, Ashido just laughed it off like it's nothing.

"With the sports festival and internship, I didn't study at all!" Kaminari ranted

"For the midterms, we'd just started school, so they didn't cover much, but I didn't really have a hard time with them. But with the back-to-back and stuff, the finals will be different..." Sato[12/20] said whilst Koda[11/20] nodding agreeing with him.

Meanwhile, Mineta[9/20] was on his own La La Land. "It'll be tough since there's a practical exam, too. Though, I'm that concerned..." Mineta said with such a smug

"What!? Ninth on the midterms!!??" Kaminari and Ashido yelled again, in disbelief.

While the whole the two were fussing over their rank in the midterm, Y/n[2/20] was sitting on his seat, not minding the ruckus.

"Can't those two even stay quiet for five minutes..." He mumbled in his arms, heads down on the desk.

"Just ignore those two" Jirou[7/20] said, standing beside his desk, smiling awkwardly.

"Speaking of which, do you mind tutoring me? I've been having trouble with quadratic functions(Me too, kid)" Jirou asked while holding a pink notebook. "Then... We can maybe train for the practical exams..." She said the last part with a low tone.

"Sure, I can tutor you and train with you" Y/n said, which earned a smile from the purple-head.


And we're back from the last chapter epilogue.

At one moment, the Deku squad plus Asui and Hagakure are minding their own business.

And the next?

A raging Y/n.

He's visibly shaking and currently being held off by Midoriya and Uraraka from unleashing his wrath at the culprit.

What did the culprit do? Well... let's make a list;

1. 'Accidentally' hitting Midoriya's head on purpose.
2. Pour on nonsense saying that 1A lot was just taking the spotlight; which they didn't on purpose.
3. And spouting nonsense about 1A having a curse or some shit.

That's not a lot, but that certainly made Monoma a qualifying candidate in Y/n's "Person he hates the most", which only has one person in it currently.

"Ho~? Now you guys even have a raging beast to hold down. Scary~ Someday, the rest of us might also be caught up in the trouble you bring and becomes victims as well... Like getting a curse by the God of Pestilence!--" Monoma was caught by his classmate, Itsuki Kendo. She chopped his nape, rendering him weak.

That oughta make Y/n calm down.

"Monoma, that's not funny! Don't you know what happened to Iida?" She scolded the maniac.

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