Chapter 28: A little bit of Flashback

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Hello! Happy to see you guys again!!! Now, onto the story!


His body felt sore all over. Legs, hands, torso...


The pain wasn't that he can't tolerate it, it was just annoying. After a jolt of pain yet again, he was awake.

He opens his eyes, squinting to the sudden exposure of light. He raises his hand to cover his eyes when he saw the appliances that were attached to him. IV's, heart monitor, etc.

A little confused, he tried to get up, but his body was so sore, that he just can't.

Like he was thrown around several times like a doll.

Y/n's Pov(just for a while)

"..." Wait...

"..." Huh...?

"..." What? What happened?

"..." Why won't it come out!?

I tried and tried and tried and tried, but it won't just come out...





Why won't my voice come out...?

3rd person

Y/n panicked.

He thrashes around. He can't stand up or sit down because his body is still a little sore, so he just stayed at the laying down postion. Then, the door opened.

Just then Y/n had realized that he is in a hospital, as he saw a doctor come into his hospital room.

"Oh great! You're awake now!" The doctor came up to him. Y/n saw his name tag.

[Dr. Kirigaya]

Kirigaya notices that Y/n had been trying to sit up, so he helps him.

"Ah, here, let me help you up. Your body must be still sore from the attack" He helped Y/n to sit up from his previous position. Y/n seemingly to finally clicked.

'Ahh... The attack-- Kuroha!!--' Y/n thought as he panicked again. The doctor was about to inject him with stuff, mostly to help, but seeing Y/n thrashing around and having a panicked look on his face, he assumed the usual startled patient issue.

"Wha-- hey! Calm down...! I'm a doctor, I'm here to help!!" He stressed while holding down his arm.

'Oh no... I can't talk, and I have no means of communication to tell the doctor-- that's right! I can use that!' Y/n then started to raise his hands, and Kirigaya was ready for the worst.

He knew Y/n from the sports festival, so he feared what he would do to him. As he raised his hand, Y/n started using sign language.

"Doctor, is there someone that looks familiar to me? My twin... And, I'm not panicked about where I am or whatnot" He asks with a calm face. The doctor looked at him with a sigh and sat back down on the chair beside him.

"Ah... Sorry about that. There are just so many patients that just panicked to look at their surroundings first before starting to use their Quirk. Oh, about your twin..." The doctor looked down for some reason. A sad expression on his face.

Y/n knew what that's about.

"No. No need to tell me. I pretty much knew what you were going to say, with that kind of reaction after me asking that, it must've been bad news..." He finished and looked at the doctor.

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