Chapter 5: An accident!

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"I... I can still move!" A recap from prev chapter. Midoriya sent the softball flying with OFA without completely crippling his arm. Infinity girl cheered for Midoriya, happy for him that he actually made a comeback.

"You finally got a record suitable for a hero!!"

"Your finger is swollen. Reminds me of the entrance exam incident... What an odd quirk" Iida concluded. Y/n stayed silent, knowing he didn't have to say anything.

But one person was not expecting this though. And it was Bakugou.

"What is this Deku!? Explain now!!" Bakugou used his quirk and propelled himself to Midoriya. But, his act was immediately halted by the teacher, binding his capture cloth at Bakugou.

"Guh...!-- This cloth? I can't!-" He struggled, but with no fruitation.

Aizawa tightens his grip, his hair stands up and his eyes glow red, his quirk activated, making Bakugou impossible to use his.

"It's my special 'capturing weapon', a steel wire alloy woven with carbon nanofibres" He sighs after revealing his weapon.

"Jeez... Don't make me use my quirk too much... I've got dry eye, dammit!"

"It's such a waste since his quirk is so powerful" Y/n said under his breath.

[Present Mic voice]
Shouta Aizawa! He can erase the quirk of anyone he looks at! But, when he blinks, its effects turn off!

"We're wasting time here. Prepare for the next trial." He said before shutting off his quirk, releasing Bakugou in the process.


All the trial was finished, everyone was tired(i think?). Time for the results.

"Oh yeah, by the way... That whole expulsion thing was a lie. It was a logical ruse to pull out your best performance" He declares, with a creepy smile.

Everybody was shocked. Y/n were too but hardly showed it.

"I'm surprised that you guys didn't realize it. I suppose I should have said something" Girl with a giant ponytail said.

"And... Yeah, that's it. It's over." He walks away. "Pick up a syllable and prepare for tomorrow. And Midoriya." He calls out for him.

"Go to recovery girl. Fix up your fingers, make sure to be prepared for tomorrow. Your actual training will start then." He gives Midoriya a slip of paper, probably a notice for Recovery Girl from him.

With that, the first day is finally over after a few classes of normal classes.

Y/n were walking with Midoriya when Iida walk up to both of them. He calls out to Midoriya.

"Is your finger healed?"

"Ah! Oh, Iida! Yeah, Recovery Girl fixed it. No worries!" Green boi reassures tall boi.

"I have to say, Aizawa-sensei really got me! Now I see how a teacher can encourage through a deception." He sums it up.

"This guy... Not actually scary at all?" Y/n thought.

"Heyy!! Wait up! You guys are heading to the station, right?" Brunette runs to them.

"Hi! I'm Ochako Uraraka! You're uhh... Tenya Iida! And you... You didn't actually mention your name... And if I'm not mistaken, 'Deku' Midoriya!"

Y/n stiffen at the name/insult while Midoriya was surprised. You had a menacing aura behind you, mad at the insult created by Bakugou.

"Uhh... Is that not it....?" She grew nervous about your behavior at the moment.

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