Y/n shenanigans #3

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I didn't want to lose my touch in writting so here ya go.

And I was bored


In one of the many random outings 1A had, Mineta sees the powerhouses of 1A gets approached be many girls.

Mineta: Tch, I honestly hate those type of guys with every inches of my being.

who happens to be beside him: "That's not a lot of inches"

Mineta: "I may not know what you signed, but I have a hunch that you're insulting me"


Y/n, Kaminari and Jirou on an assigned hero patrol by Aizawa.

"Are you sure this is the right direction?" Jirou asked, poking her head at Kaminari's phone, looking at the map.

"Certainly! I an sure as I am honest!" Kaminari proudly exclaims.

"In that case, we're certainly lost" Y/n signed, with a deadpanned look.


Y/n is seen approaching Jirou in the common area with a notebook in hand.

He handed the book to her. She reads it and...

"Jirou, what does IDK, ILY and TTYL means?" A writting is seen on the book.

Audibly, Jirou replied. "I don't know, I love you, Talk to you later"

Heaving a sigh, he signed. "Okay, I love you too, I'l just ask Midoriya" he replied and walks away, leaving a flushed Jirou on the couch.


Y/n: Sometimes I like to drink milk straight out of its container

Kaminari: The cow???

Jirou: Kaminari, W H Y


Jirou: In your opinion, what is the height of stupidity?

Y/n, turns to Kaminari: How tall are you?


Kaminari: Hey Jirou? Can a person breath inside a washing machine while its on?

Jirou: ...

Jirou: WHERE'S Y/N!?


Deku: I've already sent good vibes heading your way... They're coming! There's nothing you can do to stop them!

Y/n: ...

Y/n: This is the most threatening way I've been cheered up before


Kaminari: 'You're the second worst thing that had happened to an orphan' what does it mean.

Jirou: It means you were the second worst thing that had happened to an orphan

Kaminari: What is the first then?

Jirou, looking at Y/n, who's looking at the two: ...

Jirou: Kaminari, they weren't always an orphan--



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I certainly did Kaminari dirty this time--

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