Chapter 8: Go for it, Iida!

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Today was another ordinary day for Y/n. He got up, and-- you know the rest. After that, he got out and lock the door. He was walking to the station and met up with Jirou along the way.

"Hey, Jirou. Good morning."

"Ah! G-good morning to you too, Sosaki. Gosh, you startled me there..." Jirou said while placing her hand on top of her chest.

"Sorry. Anyways, what's your opinion on the second day at UA?". " Huh? Umm... If I have to say, it's kinda exciting. We could meet All Might, right?" Jirou said her opinion while placing her index finger at her chin and staring up at the sky while walking.

"Well, you're right to some extend. I actually-- never mind... That was close. I almost tell her about All Might."

"C'mon, let's go. We need to step up our pace to arrive early." Said Y/n as he grabbed Jirou's hand and started to run. Jirou on the other hand was too surprised to even react.

After some time, they have arrived. But the front gate ain't looking good. There is a whole crowd of the press, trying to get information for their coverage of news. Y/n looked at Jirou, and she was having a worried expression.

"We need to get in. But the press is blocking our way. And I doubt that Jirou likes the idea of just busting through them. Jirou!"


"I have a plan to get us inside" Y/n stated. "Well? Get to it already-- aaaahh! What are you doing!? Put me down!" Y/n scooped her up, bridal style, and summoned six blades. And lift off!

"Aaaahh!!" Some of the press heard the cry, but when they turned around, they saw no one was there.

With Y/n and Jirou... They've finally landed on the school grounds, and Y/n put Jirou down.

"Sosaki! If you wanna do something like that, inform me first!!"

"So you don't mind me doing it again?" That statement made Jirou blushed. "N-no!"


"Hope you rested from yesterday's battle trial. I took the liberty of looking at your marks and evaluation" Aizawa said as he puts his stuff on the table. "And Bakugou. Stop acting like a 7-year-old. You're wasting your own talent by crying over yesterday's training" Lectured Aizawa to Bakugou. Somehow, Bakugou just replied like a normal person.

"And you, Midoriya. Are you always planning on destroying your arm? If you keep going with 'I can't adjust my quirk so I have no choice, You'll never get far" Midoriya was trembling at this point. Scared of what Aizawa might say afterward. "I've said it before. Don't make me say it a third time; Once you've cleared that hurdle, you'll be much more flexible. So I need to see some sweat out of you, Midoriya"

"Yes sir!" Midoriya replied. "Now then, let's get on with the homeroom notices"

Aizawa takes a look at the paper for a brief moment, and then faced his class again. "I'm sorry to have to spring this on you all, but..."

"What now...?! Is it another test?!" The whole class thought the same thought.

"...We need a class representative" "Finally, something school-like!!" The whole class cheered.

"Oh! Oh! I wanna be the class rep!! Pick me!"

"I wanna do it too"

"Oh, you mean the position that exists for me?"

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