Chapter 2: Training, Young Midoriya!

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(A/n: Chapter 2! Hope you enjoy! )


No, he couldn't just say that right?

"I beg your pardon?" Y/n asks, confused as hell. What does 'inherit his power' would mean? Midoriya looked up from his position, face still wet from the salty tears. His expression says it all, he questioned what has he heard.

And all of the sudden, All Might laughed.

"That expression is a gas! It's just a 'suggestion', for now!" All might said.

"Now I'm kinda questioning this whole ordeal" Y/n thought, not believing that this man is making fun of his friends' shocked expression.

"Listen up, boy. Cuz your true test is just beginning. It's simply a matter whether or not you'll try your damnest to try and absorb my 'power'!!!". All Might exclaimed. Y/n looked like he realized something, but Midoriya on the other hand is confused as hell.

All Might took notice of his confusion and said what Midoriya wouldn't expect in a million years.

"I'm talking about my quirk kid..." He then proceeded to elaborate on how he avoids explaining his 'quirk' to some magazines and makes a joke. It was rather effective if Y/n would say so himself.

"You see, it wouldn't do if the almighty 'Symbol of Peace' were not in fact, a 'natural born hero'." Now it all makes sense. To you anyway, Midoriya is still trying to absorb it all.

"My quirk is a power not unlike the sacred torch of legend that comes passed from one bearer to the next" Midoriya hearing this made his eyes grew wide, hopefully not until his eyeballs got out of its eye socket.

"Huh!? It's a quirk that you can inherit!?"

"That's right, kid. And I've tagged you as the next one in line."

Even after that, Midoriya couldn't comprehend the information. He even starts to do his infamous trademark, mumbling. Having enough of this, All Might stop him.

"Jeez, enough kid! Don't immediately dismiss the possibility. That's a bunch of nonsense! There's a lot I keep close to my chest, but I don't tell lies!" He said and then held his hand forward, and start to speak in an epic way.

"My quirk, it's the power to transfer power. And the name of that vaunted ability to which I've been entrusted is none other than, ONE FOR ALL!!" Hearing him declares the power itself and its name, sent shivers down Y/n's spine.

"One man cultivates the power. That man grants it to another. And again it's fostered, and passed down... In so doing, brave hearts with unwavering calls to save lives CAN BURNISH THIS MIGHT!" All Might pretty much sum up the history of One for All. Midoriya is still having doubts, and questions All Might decision on giving this power to him.

"I've been searching for a successor for ages... And now I've finally come across someone I wouldn't mind giving it to! You, who despite having no quirk, and being a mere powerless fan of heroics, were the one who shined more than any other so-called 'heroes'" Feeling touched, Midoriya began to tear up again. But quickly rubs it off.

"But hey, it's still your decision to make, of course!" All might shrugged. " What do you say?" He then asked.

"To think he'd tell us all this... To think he'd go so far as revealing his deepest secret to both of us! .... Could there be any... No, there can't be... There's none I could think of..!" Both of the boys thought the same thoughts. Midoriya gained a determined grin, and Y/n gave him a thumbs up, showing that he's agreeing with him.

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