Chapter 29: A promise to upheld.

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"Kuroha... What would you do if I were to be a villain...?" A young Y/n, about 13 at the time, asked his twin who's eating at the table.

Hearing this, Kuroha dropped the fork she was using to eat sliced apples.

"H-Huh...?" Her voice trembled.

"I... They said that my Quirk was like a villain, like that Hero Killer... What if they were right...?" He explained a bit, gripping the end of his shirt looking at the wooden floor. He was ashamed of thinking about it. But, he thought that if he were not to tell anyone about it, maybe it would turn out worse.

Kuroha slowly got up from her chair and went to him.

"What if... I was to gone mad... And be a villain..? What would you do then...?" Y/n finished, unsuspecting of what Kuroha was about to do...


His head went to the side, his cheek was a bit red and swollen from the slap. He looked at Kuroha and saw her crying rivers. Still couldn't match Inko or Izuku though.

"Wh-what are you talking about...!?" She asked/screamed. Angry about the mere thought of him becoming the thing he swore to fight against.

"You hear me now, Y/n!! Remember this when anything that making you turning sides-- remember this pain and remember what I'm about to say.." She takes a deep breath.

"You have mom, Kouta, Izuku, Miss Inko..." Her voice started to fade as she goes down the list. "...And Me! You have me!! When the world would turn against you... You would still have me to support you... When you were to change sides, to the villains, you will know damn well that I will do anything to make you regret that decision and turn back! Got that!?" She said with a little smile and hugged him. He returned with a hug and smile of his own.

"Promise?" He asked, Kuroha nodded in his embrace.

"And you promise that you would never be a villain?" Her turn to ask, she peeked from her position in between his arms.

"Yeah, promise"







'Why would I remember that promise in all of the places... Not like I would be changing side anytime soon...' Y/n thought as he tried on clothes that Yaoyorozu asked him to.

The situation is:

Y/n overheard the plan to save Bakugo from Kirishima to Midoriya. He was about to interject them when he heard the mention of possibilities that Kuroha being with the LoV as well.

Thinking about the risks and results, Y/n overlooked the risks as the results were too rewarding; Saving Kuroha.

He would care less about Bakugo because the heroes are going to save them. But Kuroha? He wouldn't spare a glance at anyone when she's in danger.


"!!" Y/n jolted from the scream. He looked out of the store to see Midoriya in an outfit that strongly oppose his style.

Kirishima at his side telling him how to be rowdy.

"Y/n. Here you go" Yaoyorozu informed and gave a set of clothes.

"Thanks" Y/n signed. Which earned a nod from the female. He looked at the clothes with a bit of hesitation, but when he looked at the giddy Yao-Momo, he sighed and turned around to enter the changing room.

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