Chapter 12: Chivalry Battle

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The stadium roared, cheering for the first-place holder. And little by little, the rest 38 students, from the 42 students that qualified for the next round have arrived. The top 5 were huffing from tiredness, mostly Midoriya. He ran the whole 4 Kilometres of the stadium's circumference. Todoroki was not satisfied with himself for getting third place. Not to mention Bakugou, who's gritting his teeth as a chainsaw would. The fifth place was taken by a green-veins-like haired girl, who unusually looked unfazed by all the running.

And you must be asking, "Who the heck got the second place?" And, "Where's Y/n?"

Well, fellow reader. The second place was held by the one and only,

"Sosaki!" A familiar voice was heard calling for the owner of the name. The h/c male was helping Yaoyorozu pry off Mineta by threatening the grape to slit his throat, despite his bluff, Mineta let go of the poor girl. He then turned around and saw Jirou, who is running/jogging towards the male.

"Congrats on getting placed second!"

"Thanks. You too, for getting qualified to the next round" He said as he dispersed the sword that he used earlier. "Hope the next one would be kind to us though"

"Heh, yeah" Jirou chuckled at his response, seeing as how the school had thrown so much at them in the first round already.

"And now, for the post preliminaries, the final selection! from here on out, even the press will be fired up in a white heat of excitement, so go all out!! Now then, onto today's heart-pounding second event!! I already know what it'll be, but the suspense is killing me!!"

"I knew this was set up from the beginning, and not randomized" Y/n mumbled to himself. Jirou who was beside him just questioned his mumbling and focused on what Midnight has to say. She then further explains that the next round was The Human Cavalry Battle. And that the first place- which is Midoriya -has a bounty on his head worth 10, 000, 000 point.

"Poor Midoriya, everyone must've all their eyes on him with that much of a bounty" Jirou said as he poked Y/n shoulder with her earphone jack to gain his attention. "You're not worried?"  She asked the male.

"Yes, but he can push through. He has gone worst" He replied with a faint, but not easily missed smile. Jirou looked up at him and followed suit by smiling along. The moment was heartwarming, but was cut short because a certain person was calling to him.


"Hm?" He turned around at his caller, and said,

"Thought you didn't want to pick me,--"


"So, how do we do this?" Y/n asked the person that called for him. "I called for you because you can function as our main defense and offense, Sosaki" The teenager hummed in understanding.

"Hatsume and Uraraka will serve as our mobility, and I'll be the rider. You, Sosaki, will focus on deflecting attacks from the others and possibly try to get the others' points if possible"

"Understand" He said, whilst his eyes trailed off to someone who is formulating a plan with her group. Yeah, you read it right, he was looking at a girl.

"All right, have you all formed your little teams!!? Well, you better have! Let's do it! Let's start the countdown to this vicious clash!!" Midnight announced, the started to count down from,

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