Chapter 18: Rest.

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The fireworks fired off! Celebrating the top 3 that managed to climb up to the end of the  Sports Festival.

Nothing special worth mentioning, maybe because a certain guy didn't go all hell loose. Whatever that might trigger that to happen, didn't! So the award ceremony went on normally.

"Here we are in the presence of the top three!!" Midnight cheered, causing a chain reaction to the crowd to cheer also. "But, the third place could have gone to Iida as well as Bakugo, but due to home life circumstances, he was forced to leave early. So please understand~!" She said with a wink.

"Time to confer the medals!! And the one who'll present the medal this year is naturally none other than-!" Midnight said with excitement. She whips her whips at top of the stadium, directing the crowd's attention to the No. 1 Hero, All Might! The crowd cheers with joy and excitement upon seeing their idol appearing before them.

As of cue, All might jump down, saying his line,

"It is I!!" He said, leaping through the air, doing some flips. 

"And I am here with Medals!!"
"Our Hero! All Might!!"

Somehow, Midnight talked over All Might. All might slowly look at her while she apologizes.

After that shenanigans, All Might went ahead to give the Medals to their respective receiver.

"Congratulations, Bakugo my boy! You're a tough one, huh!?" All Might said whilst Bakugo grunted, not wanting to say anything.

"Your skills and quirk really were a big factor to be the reason for your victory! But clearly, your opponent is above you in some aspects. But don't let that get to you! Instead, use the lost and gain the experience to improve and go beyond!" he said as he hugs Bakugo and gives a pat to the back.

He then went to Todoroki to give his medal. "You must've had your reasons for suppressing your left side during the final match, right?" All Might asks. 

"The fight with Midriya triggered my confusion... And I lost grasp of what I should do" Todoroki replied. "I think I understand a little why you are interested in him..." He continues. "I wanted to be a hero Like you. But... I don't think it would be right to be the only one to break away..." Todoroki stops for a brief to collect himself 

"There are still some things I need to come to terms with"

All Might nod at his statement and go for a hug. 

"Your expression is completely different from before. I won't ask for details. I'm sure that you will be able to do what you needed to do" He then releases the hug and went to the last person there.

"And lastly, Sosaki my boy!! Congratulation!" All Might congrats him and raises the medal to his head. "You really did go beyond in the Final, just as you said in the player representative!"

"Right. I was just living up to my comrades and family expectation, after all" Y/n lowers his head to receive the medal. The medal slides perfectly onto his neck to the world's display. All Might then turn around.

"And there you have it!! This year, it's these three!! However, take heeds, folks! There was a possibility for everyone in this arena to stand there!! It's just as you saw with your very own eyes, ladies and gentlemen! They competed! And boosted each other up! Everyone climbing to ever higher, advancing to ever farther!!" All of the students, crowds, and possibly some villains.

Somewhere in Japan, a person is looking into a television, looking for prey or a leftover that he needs to finish up. "So that's where the brat went..." Said person is smirking while sharpening a sword, a giant one at that.

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