Chapter 16: Vs. Bakugo

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"The fight continues again!! And this time, The first match for the third round is-!"  Present Mic announced as both the fighters went up the arena. The fire from the arena was covering the contestants, but you all know who's fighting who, right?

"It's the battle between two who both hail from elite Hero families! Tenya Iida Vs. Shoto Todoroki!!" Both of the teens were facing each other, ready to rumble. 

"Match, START!!"

Again, Todoroki didn't waste any time and sent his ice to Iida. Fortunately for the class rep, he was able to dodge it by running away from it. 

"Keeping him in... what a brilliant idea" Y/n said while having a thought. "Sosaki?" Midoriya was confused by Y/n's comment, seems like Midoriya didn't catch on to Iida's plan yet.

"Todoroki trying to corner Iida by making ice walls confining Iida. Todoroki has probably known by now of how Iida fights" He explained. Midoriya nodded in understanding and continues to focus on the match.

Just as Y/n said, Iida is now confined. And then, Todoroki launched another ice attack straight at Iida. To dodge it, Iida did a standing long jump with the assistance of his quirk. While in the air, Iida activated his secret technique; "Recpiro Burst!!" Iida yelled. Speeding at Todoroki, Iida went for an attack. Unfortunately for him, Todoroki dodged it. 

Still in RB(Recpiro Burst), Iida made a 360 spin and made a spin-dive kick and hit Todoroki, bringing him down. Iida took the chance that Todoroki is still dazed by the attack, dragging him by the collar, and running towards the boundary. But suddenly, Iida stopped- and his whole body was frozen.

"Damn, Iida overlooked that even Todoroki can do cheap tricks like that. And that cost him the win" Y/n said with a sigh

"Iida is unable to move! And without even using his flames, Todoroki Advances to the final round!" Present Mic commented. Hearing that, Y/n stood up and beginning to head out to his match.

"H-hey, Sosaki" A certain purple-haired girl called out to him. It was Jirou. She raises her hands and forms a fist. "Do your best and win, okay?" She said with a smile. "Yeah" Y/n replied and fists bump with Jirou. 

He then walks to Midoriya. They starred at each other, like, they were having a telepathic conversation with their eyes.

'Show him what you got, Sosaki!'


Both of them then nod at each other and Y/n resumes his way to the semi-final, fighting Bakugo.


"Here it is!! The match-up that some might be waiting for-!  This guy's been fighting girls to get to this round, wonder if he can handle fighting a boy now!! From the Hero Department, Y/n Sosaki!! Versus-! He's the walking bomb! Short-tempered, but furious! Also from the Hero Department, Katsuki Bakugo!!" Present Mic said. Bakugo got ready in his fighting position and said something to Y/n.

"I'll defeat you here, and become No. 1, you hear me!? So give me all you've got and I'll beat you!! And then, I'll defeat Icy-Hot and definitely win!!" Bakugo declares. 

Y/n then got into his own fighting stance with a serious face. This caught Bakugo off guard, but he's still growling nonetheless. 

"Right. And I hope you going all out, Bakugo. Because I won't hold back!" 

"Match, START!" Right at the signal, Y/n summoned his wing blades and quickly dashed to Bakugo. In midst of approaching him, Y/n summoned a sword and slashed at Bakugo. 

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