Chapter 13: Let The Battle Begins!

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(A/n: Hello there dear readers! here's the brand new chapter! Hope you enjoy!)

After an hour of lunch break, all of the freshmen students make their way to the freshmen stadium. 

"Before we get started with the final event, there's good news for those who dropped out of the preliminaries! In the end, this is a sports festival! So to have everyone continue to be able to participate, we've got some recreational events in store! Just look how fired up those cheerleaders we called from America are... Huh? What's this?"  Present Mic questioned something interesting that he saw.

And what they saw were... all of the girls from Class A were wearing the cheerleader outfit! Y/n, who happens to arrive late, saw the results of Mineta's work of deceiving, froze in place as his eyes were flashed with the view.

"How did I end up stumbling into Mineta's hand once again..." Yaoyorozu said, rather depressed. Uraraka who is beside her helped her calm down, whilst an angry Jirou was throwing the 'pom-poms' to the ground. 

"They really just idiots..." She said. Then she realized that Ashido was snickering about something with Hagakure. She went to them and asked what they were snickering about.

"Oh, nothing important~~ Just that when you agreed to this, what Mineta said came true~" Ashido said teasingly. She remembered what Mineta has said to them.


"They said all the girls need to go do the cheering battle!" Mineta said, to Yaoyorozu. 

"We haven't heard a word about that..." She replied, skeptical in his words.

"You're free to not believe us of course... but this message was directly sent from Aizawa-sensei" Kaminari gave a faux reason to make the girls believe them into their trickery.

"Maybe, just maybe. You can impress a certain someone with this~" Kaminari said teasingly at Jirou. At that moment, Y/n's face unknowingly flashed in her mind when he said 'Impress' someone. It was just a flash, but it successfully made Jirou flustered in a brief second.


Ashido then pointed in a certain direction. Jirou moved her view to where Ashido pointed, seeing an awe-stricken Y/n, standing before the girls awkwardly. Jirou then blushed so hard, she went through all 50 shades of red.

Y/n then realized that he was standing there for a while now, then he summoned his blades to make his way to where the boys were at a blinding speed, turning him into a blur from where he was standing previously.

As for Jirou, she stood there, covering her face, still blushing. Ashido and Hagakure then squealed at the 'moment' that occurred.

"Alright, everyone, compete your hearts out, recreation! And after that, it's the final event! From 4 teams, 16 individuals have made it through! It's a tournament!!"  Present Mic continues his announcement. "We're pitting them against each other, in 1-on-1 combat!!

Upon arriving, Y/n somehow met up with Kaminari and Mineta. "Ya like what you see, Sosaki?"

Hearing this, Y/n slowly turns his head to Mineta, with a grim expression. Mineta shudders at this, while Kaminari was backing slowly from him to no avail. Y/n has already summoned and placed his blade behind Kaminari, halting his moves. Y/n then walked to Mineta while summoning a sword at his hand.

"So, Mineta. You're the one that tricked the girls to wear those, skimpy, outfits?" He asked as he pointed his sword at the grape's throat. Mineta made an 'eep' sound as he raised his hand, shaking like a leaf. In Mineta's point of view, Y/n looked like he was towering over him, with a menacing aura flaring around him. 

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