Chapter 17: Last Round, Fight!

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(A/n: Sup guys!! Sorry for the long wait. Before you get into the chapter, I just want to say... Thank you to all of you that we currently have 2K reads!!! And without further ado, chapter 17, open!)

"Match... START!!!" With no lag, Todoroki shot out his ice to Y/n at high speed. Y/n then summoned his wing blade and dodged the ice with the ability of flight. Still airborne, Y/n summoned a sword in his hand and rushed down at Todoroki.

Todoroki then makes multiple beams of ice, trying to hit Y/n. But he just evades it, doing a barrel roll in the process. 

Y/n grew close and Todoroki was left on the defensive choice. He made 30 inches thick dome, surrounding him, hoping it would be sufficient to protect himself. 

Fortunately for him, upon impact, the dome was able to hold Y/n attack and he only manages to chip a little bit of Todoroki's dome. And that's not all.

Suddenly, he hears a crack, and his sword snapped into two halves! Y/n clicked his tongue and jumps away, trying to figure out another solution to defeat his opponent. While taking a breather, the ice dome breaks down. Todoroki walks out of the ice, looking rather cool. Get it?

Jokes aside, Y/n summoned his blades again. But this time, he linked them onto his legs and speeds his way to the dual-color-hair dude. 

'He's approaching again? What is his plan, I wonder...?'  Todoroki thought to himself as he sent another ice at Y/n. Foreseeing the ice, Y/n did a vault over the ice using his blades as a platform to perform it.

Suddenly, another ice was sent by none other than Todoroki himself! He used the ice before as a taunt, leading Y/n to jump over it. Then he'd launch another ice, planning to catch Y/n off guard.

He did actually. Y/n didn't have time to summon his wing blade, so he summoned several blades to act as a shield. The ice hits! But Y/n was unharmed by it thanks to the shield. But it won't hold out for long, as he then noticed that the shield was being engulfed by the ice. He quickly jumps off of it and lands several feet away from Todoroki. 

Landing on one of the ice blocks, they had a staredown for a moment, staring at each other menacingly. Suddenly, Y/n made a move. This time, he summoned the wing blade and moved. To Todoroki and the others, Y/n's movement was like a blur. An f/c blur.

Todoroki frantically looked around, but he couldn't found Y/n. Then, he breathes out the breath that he didn't realize he was holding. His breath was cold. Water vapor was eminent from it. 

Suddenly, he felt a presence behind him. 

"At your limit, huh?" Todoroki startled and turned around. Seeing that his opponent, Y/n was there, pointing his sword at him. He instantly jumps away, far from the threat. Adjusting his footing, he launched another set of ice at Y/n.

But it wasn't just any ice. What Todoroki unleashed was glacier-sized ice! "WOAH!!! Todoroki just released a block of ice with unimaginable size!!" Present Mic was getting excited about it. Meanwhile,

"This is bad..." Kuroha said while bitting on her nails, anxious. Jirou and Midoriya who is beside her grew worried for their bladed friend also.

Y/n then summoned another sword and de-summoned his wing blade. He took a stance and awaits the ice to get near. The glacier travels to Y/n at dangerously speed, threatening to swallow Y/n. Just mere inches before the ice could get to him, his hands moved at lightning speed and cut through the ice that comes at him.

 Just mere inches before the ice could get to him, his hands moved at lightning speed and cut through the ice that comes at him

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