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This was requested, and hear me out on this..
Warnings- I love Khonshu.
Khonshu x gender neutral  reader
(Kill me)

"Khonshu, why are we following this poor person." Marc whispered to the god. They were currently following you for some weird ass reason.

"They are important to me. They are a high priest, and all of the other god deity's are probably gonna come looking for them any minute now." Khonshu spoke lowly, you could see them if you turned around.

And you did, you did turn around.

You tumbled back slightly in shock after seeing the large skull. I mean who wouldn't be a little surprised?

"Fear not, little one. I just want a favor."

"What the hell.." you muttered as you looked up to the god and back down at Marc.

"Hi?" You said at the man, confused and still in shock.

"My names Khonshu, god of the moon. You are a high priest, you can see and hear gods such as myself. However, I haven't seen one in years, no one has."

"So what? You want me to be yours or something?" You said jokingly but instantly regretted it when he spoke again.


"What's in it for me, bird man?" You asked him.

"I can offer you my everlasting love. And all the other gods won't be as nice as me, they all only want you to help them with their nasty duties. Such as... killing people. I however, won't."

You raised an eyebrow and sighed

"And some others might keep you as a pet, depends I suppose. Use you for their own sick entertainment. Gods aren't nice, child."

"Everlasting love huh? Well... alright bird man."

If he had a mouth, he would be smiling. He hadn't seen or heard about a high priest in forever. You were slightly different though.

You weren't as nervous and Awkward as some of the others he had heard or seen.

He kept his words to his heart, everlasting love.

"Little one, Thank you, you are truly wonderful."  He said.

"You're not so bad yourself, bird man."

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