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Fighting a jackal was...unexpected to say the least. You couldn't even see it so how the hell were you supposed to fight it?

You tried your best but it had choked you, and Steven was in control.

"Let go of her!" He yelled while attacking it, as if saying that would stop the beast from its attack on you.

"Y/N. I love you. Come on, come on come on." He repeated as you fell on the floor and the jackal was waiting to pounce on Steven again. Steven as furious and lost.

He was more lost than ever, he felt so much Rage, so much sadness at the same time. It was overwhelming almost.

You and Steven had been dating for a few years, then marc came in and kinda ruined it. Although he promised to protect you as well. Marc was asking Steven for the body.

"Steven. Give me the body, I can save her. Steven, please." He begged as Steven looked back at the Jackal. Steven was so upset, he didn't even mean or notice he gave the body to Marc.

Once the Jackal was defeated Marc came back to you, and he didn't feel a pulse. He gave Steven back the body for a moment so that he could at least see you for one last time. 

"Y/n- " he cried, onlookers looked and gasped in horror At the man crying over the dead girls body. He gave up. And gave the body to Marc accidentally.

"Marc, please give me the body. Please. Please." He said, he was still crying even in the reflection of the mirror. Marc of course felt bad , but he couldn't give the body back.

"I'll bury her, alright?! If you gave me the body faster none of this would've happened! " Marc said, Steven was starting to annoy him and he got mad and stepped on the mirror repeatedly.

Steven felt Lost. More lost than he ever was.

You hadn't even been gone for an hour, and he already missed your laughs, your smile, everything. He missed you.

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