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Warnings- Arguing, Marc takes over, stevens beyond furious
Steven Grant x female reader

Steven Grant was an amazing husband. If he had one thing wrong, it was that he went disappearing for days with no warning.

He didn't understand why or what he did either while he's gone. He doesn't know what happened or how he got in certain places.

He got days mixed up. This all started to happen very often now.

"Steven." You said sternly, wanting an answer on where the hell he was.

"Where were you?" You asked him and he grabbed the alcoholic drink he brought home

'Steven doesn't drink..' You thought. You were so beyond confused.

"I was busy." Was all he said, taking a swig of the drink. His  British accent was no longer there, it was now an American accent.

"Whys your accent different?" You asked furrowing your eyebrows in confusion.

He ignored you as he continued to drink and grab some things and put them in a bag.

"Steven! What the hells going on?" You yelled at this point.

"Shut the fuck up!" He yelled and you stood stunned at that.

He never yelled at you, he never drank, he never spoke in an American accent. Was this even Steven anymore? It had to be it looks just like him.

You stormed off, angrily as Steven was pissed off at Marc.

"Your the worst." Was all you said before leaving.

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