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Steven Grant/ Marc Spector X female reader
Warnings-pregnancy, Khonshu being a very horrible grandfather.

"Steven! I don't know what to do! Take the body, take the body." Marc said, you were currently at work and he had to watch your guy's kid.

Your child giggled as he/she climbed up on Marc's face, clawing at it with his/her small fingernails.

"Oh-" steven took over the body and picked up the child and placed him/her back on the floor.

Your guys child also ran into Khonshu, well not like he/she could see it.

"Stupid mortal. I am a god, I will not be humiliated by a tiny-" Khonshu stopped when he heard laughter.

Steven was laughing as he picked up the baby from khonshus feet.

"Khonshu, calm down you old pigeon." Steven said, while putting your guys child in a crib.

"When will y/n be here? I cant stand this.. child." Khonshu asked Steven.

"Y/n will be here in a few minutes."

Then there was a knock on the door, Steven jumped up and opened it.

"Thank god you're here, because I couldn't handle Khonshus complaining." He laughed

You smiled "Well, he would make a horrible grandfather."

"You stupid mortal-

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