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Warnings- none (::
(Implied Marc Spector )Steven Grant x female reader

Steven was sweet, his kisses were sweet, slow and loving while Marc's were rougher.

Steven was the absolute most cutest thing ever.

"Good morning, love." He said, he was eating cereal at the table as you were on the bed.

"Good morning." You said, stretching and yawning before getting up and ready.

You knew it was Steven by the way he talked, and acted. Marc wasn't as nervous as he was, and he spoke in an American accent.

"So, you sleep well?" You asked, hoping he got some sort of sleep.

"I suppose.."

"You didn't get any sleep, did you?" You said sighing as he hung his head low and nodded.

"Steven..." You sighed, and pulled his wrist as he got up with a yelp, and placed his cereal on the table as you practically dragged him to the bed.

"Sleep, Steven I'm being serious." You said as you pushed him onto the bed lightly and putting his ankle restraints on for him and then you cuddled up next to him.

"You- you know, I always sleep better next to you." He confessed as you played with his dark curls that you just loved so much.

"I know, Steven. I love you, now go to sleep."

You both soon drifted off, although when you woke up he was still asleep.

You smiled to yourself.

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