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Warnings- Smut
Marc Spector x female reader.

It was night. Pretty dark outside while you and your husband, Marc, lay on the bed with his head in your lap, and you stroking his curls.

He didn't sleep much, especially with you around. He didn't want Steven fronting when you were around, he was afraid Steven might do something stupid.

All he could think about was you. He always had the most sinful thoughts of you, although he still cared and promised the relationship wasn't only that.

You will admit, he was good with his hands and tongue. He made you feel special, and you him.

He picked his head up and you looked at him in confusion.

He leaned in to kiss you, and you leaned in as well. What you weren't expecting was the kiss to get more heated.

He groaned into the kiss as it became more sloppy and wet.

He quickly fumbled with his belt buckle while still kissing you, you pulled back from the kiss.

"Marc. You need to sleep, you haven't slept in days." You said while looking at his dark eye bags that have gotten only worse.

"I'm fine. Seriously, all I want is you." He said, looking at you.

You sighed "Marc-"

"I'm fine, I promise. We haven't done anything in weeks because of Steven, cmon let's have a little fun?" He said while looking at you.

You sighed in defeat "Alright, fine."

He smirked and continued with his belt, you reached out to take off your shirt and pants but he quickly stopped you, grabbing your hands.

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

Then he grabbed the hem of your shirt and took it off carefully, same with your pants.

"You're beautiful." He groaned at the literal sight of you.

"Fuck, I love you."


I was gonna write more but I'm not sure how to but 🤷🏽‍♀️ it's a start

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