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Warnings- Very cute my heart is melting
SteVen Grant X gender neutral reader

You and Steven were currently walking down London. You enjoyed his company.

He held your hand as he rambled on and on about Egypt, and you were very interested, asking him questions along the way.

You two agreed to go to his flat, so that's where you guys were headed.

He grasped your hand a bit tighter when you guys walked past a couple of drunk men who were staring at you two.

He looked at you and picked up his pace and you followed his pace.

Once you two didn't see the drunks Steven quickly spoke.

"Sorry- I just... I just didn't wanna get in any trouble you know? And they looked like trouble." He said sheepishly while adjusting his grip on your hand to be a little less tighter.

You smiled at him sweetly "Thank you, Steven. " you said as he beamed at you.


"Well.. here we are." He said, as you two entered his flat. You've been in it plenty.

You waved to Gus and Steven came up behind you, and hugged you.

He loved how close you guys were as he treasured the moment.

He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, kissing it and muttering.

"I love you so so much, sweetheart." He mumbled against your skin, smiling.

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