Grounded part 2

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A part 2 since people asked 😏

Warnings- smut, Thigh riding, Marc takes over, upset steven

Steven looks in the mirror, at Marc,  before looking back at you. Your half naked body in your panties and bra. you were beautiful. In his eyes, you were like a goddess, someone to be worshipped and praised endlessly.

Marc looked through the mirror and Groaned at the mere sight of you, wishing it was him doing this instead of Steven.

"Steven. Without me, she wouldn't even be here, I'm the one that asked her out, remember?" Marc teased in the mirror, as you waited for Steven to do something.

"Shut up, mate." He said causing you to look at him wide-eyed.

"N-Not you! I was talking to myself- sort of..."

You furrowed your eyebrows "Okay..."

Since Steven wasn't gonna make a move, you did instead.

You sat on his lap, and started straddling it. He held your hips, groaning in response. He swore he was gonna cum his pants in a second.

Something in him just.. snaps. This no longer feels like Steven, no. He held your hip firmer and his grunts and groans were different.

You ignored it, and shooed it off as some weird thing in you head.

He then lifted your leg and placed it over his, leaving you to straddle his thighs.

You slowly rock your hips back and forth, moaning as you do so with no shame.

Your hands were on the back of his neck, as you started to lose your rhythm as you got closer and closer to your release.

You pushed harder onto his thigh, in attempt to control yourself.

He moans and groans as his phone suddenly rung, causing him to speak.

"Shut up, don't make a sound." He said, in an American accent. It was different...

You stopped your movements in confusion but he looked at you and you continued as he spoke with his boss on the phone.

"Yeah. I cant make it to work today. Sorry." He grunted before speaking again.

"No, I was.. coughing. I'm sick." He lied.

He finally hung up and put the phone back.

"Steven." You moaned, but something in Marc wanted you to be saying his name like that, not stevens.

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