Side part 1

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Khonshu X daughter reader
Jake Lockley x Female Reader

You were Khonshus daughter, but you weren't a god. You could see him and hear him as well as touch him.

You had a Mark on your forehead, a crescent shaped moon. You tried your best to always hide it.

You stayed by Khonshus side, through everything. Which also meant being next to his avatar.

Marc Spector and Steven Grant, as well as Jake Lockley.. they were chaotic to say the least.

Even if Steven and Marc didn't know about Jake.

Since you were Khonshus daughter, that meant you had to get closer to Jake especially. Jake liked you and thought you were good company.

"So, Father, where we going?"

Khonshu sighed "To kill Arthur Harrow."

"Oh, that asshat, got it got it." You said, while just sitting and talking. The car then stopped.

"Hello, y/n I wouldve said hi earlier but I didn't see you come in with Khonshu."

"Hi, Jake." You smiled, Khonshu seemed.. angry?

"Lockley, We aren't here so you can flirt with my daughter." He said.

"Someone's in a bad mood." You joked.

Jake laughed, but khonshu didn't.

"I'll be back." Jake said, and went inside the hospital and wheeled out a man.

The man seemed confused.

Jake got back in, and waited for his queue.

"And who might this beauty be?" He asked, nodding to you.

You rolled your eyes, and looked at Khonshu.

"Meet my friend, Jake Lockley."

"Hoy es tu turno de perder." (Today is your turn to lose) he said, and shot Arthur.

Jake looked at you, and back at Khonshu, he would make a move when Khonshu wasn't staring at him like a hawk.

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