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Warnings- None (:: pure fluff
Layla El-Faouly x Gender Neutral reader

"So we still up for later, Love?" Layla asked you on the phone as you worked away.

"Yeah! Of course. I'll see you then, yeah?" you said, smiling behind the phone. You loved her more than anything, and she loved you more than anything.

"Alright, I love you." She said.

"Love you too." You said, happy.


You two were currently eating, laughing, smiling and having fun.

"This was fun, love. We should do this more often, get out, you know?" She said, smiling at you as you two were walking out and holding hands as you smiled back at her.

"I agree. " you said and kissed her cheek.

You and her had been married a few years after her and Marc's divorce, she had been dating you weeks after.

You were her shoulder to cry on, and to lean on.

When you two finally reached your guys house you two got dressed and plopped down on the bed.

You felt like you were the most lucky person ever, How did you even get her?

You both were on your sides as you looked at each other with love, passion, and a mutual sweetness in your guys eyes.

She got closer to you and you got closer to her as you two just stared and then you leaned in and kissed her, she put her hand on the side of your face as she kissed you back.

She smiled and laughed softly, as you did as well.

"Your the best, Layla. I'm so lucky to be with you."

"I love you."

"Thanks for the dinner by the way." You said, laughing.

"My treat." She smiled as you two hugged each other's body's like your lives depended on it.

Then you two fell into a deep, calm, and peaceful sleep. She loved this more than anything in the end.

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