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Warnings- none, fluffy
Steven grant x Female reader

"Stevieeeee? You there?" You said while laughing at his nervous state.

"Bollocks- uh- sorry. Guess I just got lost in my mind there for a minute." He said while sheepishly and awkwardly smiling at you.

"Nervous?" You teased.

"I mean- yeah. Sorry, I'm not really used to this whole-" he gestured to you and him "dating thing." He finished.

"Me neither." You laughed while eating.

"Steven, you're really interesting." You said pointing your fork to him while he ate his salad innocently.

"Yeah? You are too." He said while eating his Salad and you smiled.

"So uh... why didn't you answer my call?" You asked and water almost came right out of his nose and he choked on your question.

"Uh- sorry.I was just at work- and- and you know?"

"I'm just teasing, Steven it's fine really. Honestly, I understand." You said while laughing at his current state of shock.

Once you two finished, you both split the bill.

He walked with you outside.

"Hey, Y/n, you want me to walk you home?" He asked, turning towards you as you smiled at the offer.

"Sure, Steven." You said and smiled back.

He rambled on and on about Egyptian gods, and just Egyptian culture and whatever. You paid attention to every single little detail, hearing his voice was soothing.

You smiled at him as he continued to go on and on . You loved how passionate he was.

"Laters gators!" He yelled while you walked in your house.

"In a while, crocodile!" You yelled back, matching his energy as you both smiled and laughed at the stupid jokes.

This definitely wasn't going to be the last date with Steven.

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