Forbidden love

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Bro... istg it better not only be me that want to date Khosnhu istg it's his voice bro like 😩 I hate myself.
warnings- I'm in love with Khonshu and you can't stop me.
Khonshu x gender neutral reader.
Some ideas used go to beautifulbows924 on tumblr

You and Khonshu had both been brought to the Ennead. You both knew this would happen soon enough.

You two had a relationship, It was a rule that A God and Human couldn't be together romantically. You both knew that, and took the risk anyways. I guess you weren't expecting it so soon.

You were his Avatar, it seemed inappropriate to the other gods, but I mean it's basically the same as a god dating a god and a human dating a human.

"I call this meeting of the Ennead to call for judgement against Khonshu." Osiris spoke.

"The charges?" One asks.

"Forming an romantic relationship with his Avatar." Osris accused of the god.

"Khonshu, is this true?" Another asks, looking down at you for answers.

Then khonshu looks down at you, he is in front of you as if looking for permission to speak through you.

You look up at him. He's anxious and you can tell by the way he grips his staff, as if it was going to break if he didn't.

You nod.

Your eyes turned a grey-ish blue before the color faded.

"Why is it so important to you?" Khonshu asks, voice loud and clear.

"Khonshu has always mixed up lines between himself and humans. It's not surprising he has an inappropriate relationship with one at all." Osris spoke looking at the other gods.

"Why's it so important?!" He yells, voice so loud you think you might go deaf.

"Humans are truly.. wonderful. They deserve our protection. You gods lost sight of that." He boomed through you, he was really loud and it was starting to fire you out honestly.

He seemed scared as they turned to each other and seemed to talk amongst themselves. Worry and Anger flowed right threw you, it was all from Khonshu.

You knew he cared about your guys relationship, you just didn't know he cared this much.

The gods turned back to face you as Khonshu still took over your body.

"Let's speak to your avatar. Let's see what they have to say." Tefnut said, and he soon left your body.

You panted like a dog, out of breath. You were tired.

"Have you created an inappropriate relationship with Khonshu, your god?" Hathor asks you.

"What's your meaning of inappropriate? I'd say that it is just dating. Nothing wrong with that, isn't there?" You practically yelled, angry at them all.

They turned to Osiris before he spoke again, Khonshu looked at you worriedly and patted your head in attempt to help calm you down.

They noticed this.

"Khonshu, we find you guilty of the following charges. As punishment, your avatar will have no memory of you whatsoever, and will not be your avatar any longer."

You gulped and looked up at Khonshu. You could feel the anger radiating off of him.

"No. No. No." You muttered looking up at him.

"We will allow you to say goodbye." Osiris said, and one by one all the gods left the room leaving you and the god alone.

You sit down and the cold floor and pull your knees to your chest as Khonshu walks towards you.

You were sobbing at this point and Khonshu kneeled down to your height. He wiped your tears with his bandaged fingers.

He ran his hands through your hair while speaking softly as he could.

"I am truly sorry, little one. I'm sorry for not respecting the boundaries between us, and I'm sorry for causing you so much pain." He said, his tone soft and sad.

"I wanted to love you, Khonshu. I chose to."

"When the time is right, you'll find me again. The moon will guide you, little one." He stopped for a second, and laid his staff beside him on the ground before speaking.

"This was the outcome of forbidden love."

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